How To Find Aged, High PR Domains on GoDaddy Auctions

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1. Go to

2. Go to the advanced search menu on the right, and do the following -

- Characters - less than 10, untick the dashes box
- Domain Age - put 3 in the minimum box
- Extensions - select .com, .net and .org only

3. Either search using that criteria, or narrow down your search by putting a keyword in the keywords box, select contain on the drop down menu

4. Press the search button and let the results load

5. Open up Market Samurai, go to the SEO competition module and add the URLs from the GoDaddy search results

6. That's it!

I've found loads of aged domains with PR. If someone knows of a script to scrape all the URLs from search results then it would make the process a lot quicker, as copying and pasting the URLs one by one is fairly slow.

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