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I like to pop by the WSO section at least for a little
while on the weekend to "wind down" and look for
any WSO's that I can plug into my businesses, while
avoiding the bright and shiny objects that attract
newbies like a foglight nestled deep within the
Sherwood forest in the middle of the night.

I have determined, at least for me, that I now
categorize WSO's into three categories that I
decided to share for entertainment purposes and
to get my fingers warmed up for a salesletter that
I need to write as I sit here in Starbucks...


While thumbing through the WSO's over the past
week or so, it is amazing how many CSO's there
are. (Clown Special Offers) Products with big claims,
little to no real proof, recent join dates, and of
course, spotless happy comments from supposed
buyers who love the product. You'll find that many
of these comments are from people with under 10
comments with their join date being very recently.

Sadly, a lot of newbies jump for these bright and
shiny CSO's that provide what seems to be a true
secret roadmap to fast money online. Newbies
tend to gobble these up like an army of ants on
a dropped lollipop in a park on a hot summer day.

Garbage in, garbage out. No wonder why people
are so confused. I couldn't imagine one starting
their IM career consuming CSO garbage. After days,
weeks, months, etc. of drinking the clown cool-aid
they see zero results and wonder why. They often
blame themselves initially. Most give up while some
smarten up and realize that they have been digesting
the wrong diet of information. As soon as they make
the switch to an information diet fill with high protein,
AKA "the meat", instead of the sugar-filled bright candy
that clowns pawn off to newbie prey, the lightbulb goes
off and success suddenly seems real and tangible results
often follows. (That is if they take action, of course.)


Following CSO's, the next category I call SSO's, which
is "Second-Attempt Special Offers". I find this very
common as well. Heck, I did the same thing back a
few years ago when I was hot and heavy into launching
WSOs before the way the WSO section went through
some mega changes. Eventually I stopped after I
caught myself, but there are many who have not
caught on to what they are doing to their reputation
and their customers.

So what is a SSO? It's what happens (sometimes) to
a WSO seller who has a good-selling product the
first time around. The $$'s flash in front of their eyes
and they do anything and everything to quickly repeat
the success of their previous WSO. Now this is not
limited to WSO's, we see this happen EVERYWHERE,
and is was ramped during the "product launch" phase
we went through a few years back.

These boomerang shockwave WSOs that some launch
after a successful WSO launch are sometimes sub par.
Sometimes terrible. Sure, there are some gems out
there and the rare Warrior who produces top quality
content time and time again, but those Warriors are
rare. Those who have been around for a long time
have seen many of these Warriors and attempts at
branding a name come and go after multiple sub par
launches as they are unable to repeat or come close
to the success of their first WSO.

SSO's are tough to spot, but you can often get a
sense if its a SSO by reading some of the comments.

In fact, I spotted one today that fit the SSO to a "T"...
so much so that I just had to create a name for these
types of products/sellers. The seller keeps churning
out products and you can almost hear the nail being
pounded into the coffin in the WSO graveyard.


Finally, we have true WSO's. We all know what these
are. These are the true gems. How do you spot these?
Easy. They have real proof. They have real reviews
by Warriors who have been around for a long time.
There are a lot of comments... but don't always rely
so much on the comments because some sellers
dangle a carrot to get people to leave positive reviews
on their WSO (which is against the rules, but some do
it anyway).

If you are a newbie and just stick to the REAL WSO's,
the true gems, whether it's software, reports, videos,
etc. they you're going to make out just fine. There are
a TON of Warriors who produce incredible content. God
knows I have TONS of WSO's on my external hard drive
that I've learned a lot from or at least gained one idea
to help advance my knowledge and businesses.

The Pitchfesters

I'll add this one in as a special unadvertised bonus.
These guys drive me crazy. Pitchfesters. So many of
them have jumped into the game. So many of them
have lost me and many others as subscribers to their

This may piss some of you off, but you need to hear it.

I'm talking about constantly blasting your list with
links to other WSOs with your affiliate link. Sure,
from time to time is nice. In fact, there are a few
that I find helpful because they STICK to the subject
matter that their WSO was in, like SEO, WordPress,
Affiliate Marketing, etc. That's nice. I like that.

But would you believe that some send out an email
to their list almost daily about the latest shiny object?

I can remember a Warrior who was very active in
the WSO section awhile back. (I will not mention
his name) He launched multiple successful WSO's,
attempting to build a brand there, like you see from
time to time (even now). At first, he was one of
the few emails that I would actually read. He had
real content. Good stuff. Great advice.

But then one day, he got bit. BAD. It started one
day without any warning. The WSO bug must have
bit him right on his head because the WSO juices
went straight to his brain. He started pitching WSO's
every few days, then daily. His emails filled with
great content soon faded and became filled with
near-hype urging people to buy the latest and
greatest shiny object.

I couldn't believe it.

Instead of deleting his emails and unsubscribing
from his list, I wanted to watch what would happen,
knowing full well that I was watching - and what was
going to happen.

This "Pitchfester" went on a WSO promoting furry
pounding my inbox with WSO's faster than Hurricane
Irene is taking off shingles off the roofs of oceanside
cottages up the east coast.

And then one day...

It stopped.

That day was several weeks ago. I haven't heard from
him since. I did a search for his name in the forum
and see a handful of post, but no real action. He's off
to the next ocean because he feels that he caught all
the fish he could here.

That's a tough business model... always chasing to
catch your next meal. They almost always end up
in the same place... g.o.n.e.

OK. Got my copywriting face on. Gotta get to work.
I'm all warmed up and ready to start pounding some

Hope you enjoyed.
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    To me it seems very surprising that WSO sections has anything useful to offer...every time I (accidentally) visit the WSO section and read the headlines...ohh my...I get disgusted and wonder who are those people falling for these.
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    They should really just change the meaning of Warrior Special Offers.

    It is no longer a place where you are sold already EXISTING products at greatly reduced price--which if I am correct was the real purpose of the section anyway.

    Today it IS a marketplace. Sellers write products specifically to be sold on this forum and no where else. There are even products in there that show you how to write or source your content and then post a WSO.

    That said I have purchased many-a-report that have helped further me with my online business. Whether it be new ideas to implement or even some SEO tool that will greatly enhance my link profile, I've received plenty of value from my purchases.

    If you go into that section looking for something specific it can actually be extremely beneficial to you. If your going in there looking for a full-blown online business plan--well good luck with that fella!
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    Love the post. You summed it all up very well.
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    Yes i agree with this. there has been a lot of WSO releases I myself will be releasing one very soon. I hope you guys vote for my product for being a legitimate product that people can learn from but I totally agree there are a lot of guys out there trying to make money and not people.

    We must Succeed !!!

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    Yes I have purchased Junk.
    But I have also purchased really awesome
    training packages such as offline Fan Page material
    that I can say has really helped boost my offline Business.

    Just like everything in life
    you need to bring a shovel to find the Gold.
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    You mean I can't make 6 figures a month doing nothing but this 1 weird trick?!? haha.. but yeah, I agree. That being said, there are a few gems, but a lot of WSOs are regurgitated information.
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  • Profile picture of the author Landis
    So you're saying I can't learn how to make $2342,23423423.0002 in 3 days from the WSO's??

    I enjoyed reading your post, you're very good at writing copy!

    buying bulk warm seo leads (PM me)

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  • Profile picture of the author Cool Hand Luke
    Fantastic post. One of the few longer posts I've read top to bottom as of late.

    You are absolutely right as well: the WSO section has become a sort of "get rich quick" area for newbies as of late, and it's a shame. Even some of the better-reviewed offers are just rehashed and repackaged junk.

    That said, there are quite a few gems. If it weren't for some of the better offers in there, I would not be making the money I am today. Its all about sifting through the rubble to get to the diamonds.
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      Texas_Guns, I couldn't have said it better myself. Sure the WSOs are only like $7...but they are usually worth about 7 cents. It seems people put up a WSO for practice just to see if they can compete at the level of ClickBank or Commission Junction.

      I've bought several WSOs and have been disappointed by all of them. I never even peek my nose in the WSO section anymore.

      My tip to those who are "thinking" about buying something from the WSO section...don't. Just join the War Room. Odds are the same product is in there for free. Sure...all the stuff in the War Room is loaded with affiliate links, but the content is alright and the reports are free.

      I'm glad someone started a post like this. Maybe people trying to offer WSOs will finally step up their game and stop selling junk.

      Just my 2 cents.

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    I agree with you. As someone who is new and purchased a few of them, I realized that I can just do research on here and google and get for free what I wasted $10-15 for.
    Are You Working In Your Passion?
    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." - Albert Einstein
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  • Profile picture of the author George Wright
    I must say,

    A lot of WSO forum bashers have found a really neat way to get around rule one.

    Simply Bash "all WSOs" Bash the WSO forum. Don't make it personal and bash the heck out of this forum.

    Well, you are making it personal, you are coming to Allen's house and speaking out against a very important room in his house.

    In the real world most people would kick you out of their house or ban you from all but the visitors waiting room.

    Just to balance it out for the newbies who might be turned away from the WSO forum, please note...

    I for one have bought hundreds of dollars worth of WSOs. I have learned something from every one of them. The WSO forum is a marketing forum and there is no better placed on the Internet, not the War Room, Not eBay and not any hater or non hater's news letter and not any other marketing forum to study marketing than the WSO Forum.

    I'm not talking only about only the actual products, I'm talking about the sales letters, the graphics, the products and services offered the whole package. Study it all.

    To call WSOs regurgitated garbage and any other negative term like that is laughable. I've read and enjoyed reports by WSO bashers and while they are good reports they are no more original information than any WSO.

    Any thinking person knows that "there is nothing new under the sun." Accept that and look for interesting and informative presentations of material. Look for new twists that may help you make money.

    I would recommend you join the War Room and read all the reports and posts by Allen Says. If you do you will understand better what the WSO forum is.

    I also recommend that you find and buy a copy of Internet Tycoon by Allen. Again it will help you understand things about marketing that these WSO bashing threads can't even get close to.

    I was hoping this thread would get deleted. In lieu of that I just wanted to balance it out a bit.

    George Wright
    "The first chapter sells the book; the last chapter sells the next book." Mickey Spillane
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