Where to sell my websites?

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I have a site: lemoncupcakes.net plus 16 sites I need to sell in order to raise some cash for a website I've just purchased. Does anyone know where an inexpensive place to sell sites? I'm looking to spend no more than 10 dollars.
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    There are lots of forums where you will find Buy & Sell Sections... there you can sell your website.

    For example: v7n.com/forums or forums.digitalpoint.com

    I had a list somewhere on the table last weekend, but is is somewhere in my table with other documents :-))

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      How about right here in the Warrior Forum?
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        How much does it cost to post your site for sale on warrior forum?

        I have 18 money making niche websites for sale, as a bulk or separate - krista-k @ live dot ca.

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    You can sell your sites on digital point, flippa, ebay, or sedo its really up to you
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    It costs $20 to list in WF Complete Sites for Sale. It costs $19 to list on Flippa and you would have to offer them all on one sales page as a bulk sale. Most other places to list will get you nothing but rip off artists and cheapo tire kickers.
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    Flippa gets you the most exposure and you'll probably get the best price there.

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      godaddy.com is also a good place to sell websites. Try it there.
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  • I think the most popular place to sell websites on is on Flippa
    But there are also other places such as this forum and Digital Point
    And there are also private forums where people can sell on aswell
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    I agree, flippa is better. My client sells his website there too, and he told me he makes good money out of it.
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    Flippa is the best I reckon, although the fees are a joke.
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      Originally Posted by aryan5107241 View Post

      Aren`t there any buyers here on warrior forum interested in buying websites ???? help out guys ......
      Yes there are but not in the main forum.
      If you took the time to look around you would see this: Complete Web Sites For Sale!
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    Well here is something I would try

    1) Do a Google search and find the top websites owned by individuals and not companies.

    2) Find the whois details of the owners and contact them to see if they would be interested in your websites.

    3) Chances are good because they already exist in the niche and rank high, so must be making some money. This would be an ideal proposition for them to expand their reach and brand.

    4) You may demand a better price as they know the niche and would, from experience have a lot of ideas to improve or better your site.

    Hope that helps

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    sedo and godaddy are best options for website selling, however godaddy auctions are even better if you want to sell only on high prices.
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    flippa is the only place i would sell
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