Free report or charge a fee?

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I want to create a report about home security. I know it's not a rabid niche but I think there is some demand. Because it's not a rabid market and I'm not a known figure, I'm not sure if people will actually pay for the report. I'm debating on whether I should create a free report with an affiliate link and squeeze page or if I should create a more complete report and charge money for it. I'm trying to figure out which direction to go and I'm looking for opinions. Thank you.
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    A free report might work but the perceived value is very low.

    Better: create 2 reports.

    The first one is free and the real report costs money.

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    But why don't you do both? Free report with aff link + premium version with extra info
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    I agree with sylarrr, make two versions and use the free version to build an email list.
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    With so many other things you can sell or promote related to home security I would definitely go with the free report and collect peoples emails. This way you can sell/recommend stuff later on.

    If you aren't too sure if they will go for a paid report at all then try a split test with different price points and see where the sweet spot is.

    Either route will make you some money eventually, either on the front end or the back end... or both!

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    Build 2 different lists, too.

    1 is a buyer list. That one will likely return the most $ per subscriber.

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    You can build a list using an affiliate link+free report, then promote a second report that costs money to the list generated through the free report.

    Then as the poster mentioned above me, make a second list of those who went on to buy as that list will generate the bulk of your sales.
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    Thanks, great advice everybody. I will do the free report with an affiliate link to build a list and then try to market a new paid report to that list later. Hopefully I'll get some results.
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    My suggestion:

    1. As suggested above, write BOTH a free AND a paid report ($7??).

    2. Set up a squeeze page for the free report. When they enter their email and hit the submit button, redirect them to a "one time offer", where you pitch your $7 report. At the bottom, have a link to their download saying something along the line of "No thanks, I want to skip this premium report. Take me to my free download instead".

    You have the opportunity to both collect their email address AND sell to them. Do it!
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    thanks for the tips guys,i was also wondering about the same thing on my niche

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