Netflix / Linkshare Warning On paid bids

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Just got this in my email from them, so I thought I would share:

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Netflix Search Update
Dear John Reinier,

This is a program-wide reminder that affiliates are not allowed to bid on paid search on any brand keywords and brand misspellings.

If you are conducting activity on the search engines for your own marketing purproses, please take steps to negative match the Netflix brand and trademark from all keywords to avoid being removed from the program (for example, Netflix Coupons, Netflix discount, Netflix special offer, etc).

If you are found to be bidding on the Netflix brand, Netflix reserves the right to remove you from the program as stated in the Terms and Conditions.

If you are not conducting any search campaigns, please disregard this message. Thank you for your efforts and anticipated compliance.

Best Regards,
The Netflix Affiliate Team

Netflix is the world's largest online DVD movie rental store service, offering more than 8 million members access to more than 100,000 titles for a flat monthly fee.

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    This is actually not unusual. Most companies with a name brand as big as Netflix won't allow you to run PPC using their brand and any derivatives as keywords. And as mentioned, they want you to use negative match for those words to make sure you don't accidentally use them (as in those words popping up in broad match).
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    Yeah, I just thought someone may find it useful or interesting. I don't actively promote netflix, so it doesn't effect me personally.
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    This belongs in the CPA forums ...

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    I wanted to start a site to promote free netflix trials to xbox live users since they now offer streaming over xboxs...I went and bought a domain, set up a landing page which linked to a cpa offer...$23 every person I got...started using PPC to promote about 80 clicks before I went over the fine print again:

    can't use "netflix" in your url

    I used

    Now I have to try and figure a way around this or reg another domain....ugh
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