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by RayW
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Is it difficult to get your news site accepted into Google news? Has anyone tried it?
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    You need to stick to their rules and post unique articles regularly .

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      I am not really sure if you want to make an article to enter google news or your want your website posts to be posted there everytime you make a new one.

      I care about make a post or two on google news and thanks to the $5 gig, I can get an article about my website there without working it out by myself
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    You’ll face stiff competition getting into Google or Yahoo’s news networks. Best bet for getting your blog/site accepted would be:

    Have unique content. Your site better be interesting and well written. Don’t duplicate content on your site. Write naturally and for readers, not just for the search engines.

    Have lots of content. If you’ve only just started your blog and only have a few posts, let your site mature and build before going after an ambitious target like Google News.

    Have guest authors/bloggers. Find a blogger related to your niche – someone you enjoy reading & who you’d subscribe to – and as them to write a guest piece for you. Or consider teaming up with another author or several so you’ve got plenty of fresh content coming to your site without getting burnt out by being the only one supplying it.

    Have good hosting. If your site doesn’t load quickly, readers won’t want to stick around & Google & Yahoo won’t want you in their news networks either.
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    There are both Google News guidelines and the Google Webmaster Guidelines to adhere to if you want to be accepted. In addition, you need about 5 authors. They do not accept single author sites. You also need to post about 5 well, written, completely unique news stories per day ... every day.
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    stick with the rule , not that hard
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    Found useful resources for you..

    they don't accept personal site by the way.

    Can I suggest my personal website for inclusion in Google News?
    At the moment, Google News tends not to include articles from personal websites and blogs.
    Google News Forum Publisher FAQ : How It Works - Google News (publishers) Help

    Will we get accepted by google news? - Google News Help
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