What do you outsource to Fiverr?

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I'm new to Fiverr and decided to see how outsourcing a few tasks went, so I ordered one for social bookmarking and one for keyword research. I'm wondering what tasks Warriors outsource to Fiverr and if perhaps Warriors had any particular sellers they go back to.
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    I have read a report/ebook from a warrior who used fiverr to outsource logo creation and submitting press releases.
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    I've used it for backlinking, article writing, testimonial videos, etc and also for some comic relief just browsing to see the crazy things people would do for $5.
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    I've used it for articles, logo stings, logo design, backlinking, voice over work and lots of random stuff just for fun!
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    I used to outsource article writing, and ads work like banners and videos, since I became an owner of a website similar to fiverr I start to outsource that work to the seller on my website.

    It is better to keep it in house lol
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    A somewhat annoying aspect of Fiverr to me, as a designer, are the folks who do design work there in general. Having a logo made on Fiverr makes me wonder, as this is something that many graphic designers make their bread and butter. Someone who's willing to do it for $5 essentially sends out unqualified or signals of a lack of effort, because unless you know precisely what you want (and it's simple), it's simply not a $5 task. I don't doubt that some logo designers on Fiverr can output something nice, but I really don't see how they manage.

    They have to either be unaware of how valuable it is, or using some automated thing that produces a simple logotype. I wouldn't expect much revision work to be done either, but there easily could be people who ARE indeed willing. It's one of the most difficult areas for me to work in, but it could be the easiest for some others. Either way, just regarding logo design, I would steer away from Fiverr if you want to guarantee a quality piece.

    Some things are perfect for Fiverr though, I have a gig up to sample sounds. Some people want a movie line as a ringtone, some want a custom windows sound, but sampling a sound is VERY easy if you know how to do it efficiently (unlike a logo, there's no just easy way to do that, requires creativity and time). It's great because many people know of a line or sound they want, and it takes me longer to upload and send it to them then it does to actually sample and save the sound; where with a logo someone probably has a loose idea (if anything) of what they want and thats potentially weeks of work..not for $5 from me, and it's still a mystery how someone sells a logo design for $5!

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    I have only ever outsourced graphics and some backlinking packages from fiverr..
    It's one of those sites I have to stay away from!!

    I end up memorized by the weird and wonderful services people offer for $5..
    Great fun, but a deadly time consumer.. lol

    Anyway the best bet is to check their profiles and feedback, this will give an indication as to wether they offer a good and reliable service...
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    Has anyone used that site for writing articles? Are they any good?
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      Originally Posted by robchapman View Post

      Has anyone used that site for writing articles? Are they any good?

      Yes, twice now I have had a girl from India, I believe, write me an article, she did outstanding work in very good english. I think the tip is checking the feedback on someone before ordering. This girl had a 98% good feedback, and that was from over 300 orders.

      Another tip I started thinking about and using when buying gigs on fiver: Look for people from OUTSIDE the USA! Sad to say, but it is true that you will often get more real value for your money from other parts of the world. The biggest reason I believe? They are used to smaller paychecks, therefore $5 will be worth more to them. They are willing to do a better job for $5.
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    There are countries where VERY well educated and VERY skillful people earn less than $100 a month for full time work.

    This is why the people on fiverr are willing to produce high quality work for only $5
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      For the tasks that I actually need done by others, I have found the work on Fiverr to be sub-par.
      United States Marine Corps - SEMPER FI
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      Yep! For example, someone in the Philippines making $1.80 to $2.50 (US dollars) per hour at work, cranking out 10 Fiverr gigs a week is some nice extra cash.

      Are you going to have to do some testing? Yes.
      Are there going to be some bad gigs? Yes.
      Are there some outstanding gigs? Yep. Not only in quality but in less time-and-aggravation for you.
      Is it worth the effort? Only you can answer that for yourself. It has been and is for me.

      There are some excellent post in the War Room that will help you out.

      Joe Mobley

      Originally Posted by PatrickP View Post

      There are countries where VERY well educated and VERY skillful people earn less than $100 a month for full time work.

      This is why the people on fiverr are willing to produce high quality work for only $5


      Follow Me on Twitter: @daVinciJoe
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    Logos (I use the same girl every time - she is great!) and some seo work

    Only had one problem so far which is not bad after 25+ purchases - never used that muppet again
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    fiverr best I have a good experience of both buyer and seller It a good source for extra cash i guess every one even who is new in internet can sell something else on fiverr..
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    I use fiverr all the time for stuff that would take a ridiculous amount of time to do myself, or would just bore the hell out of me!

    My favourites are setting up accounts, stuff like Pixelpipe, Ping.fm and similar.. the amount of time that $5 saves is worth FAR more than that!

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    I Never outsource fiverr for backlinking or other SEO related works, basically fiverr is great place for some fun staff. But If you want some serious work then you have to come professional marketplace.
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    I've have some great success outsourcing Tweets and at times I will use it to build backlinks.
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    My favorite social bookmarker who has never ceased to amazed me is a guy called fvchamp. He gets the job done every time. I also like to outsource by contacting people who have softwares like UAW or AMR and getting them to submit my articles to thousands of directories. It definitely beats paying the software's high ticket price/monthly fee. I'm also considering outsourcing articles from now since I enjoy video marketing a lot and want to continue dabbling it.

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    I use Fiverr to get my profile and bookmarking backlinks since I don't want to do it myself. I basically just do article marketing and blog commenting myself and use Fiverr just to get some link diversity.
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  • I was recently thrilled to discover there are now dozens of people on Fiverr who will do background removal on photographs. That wasn't always the case. It's a tedious job and one I must do myself hundreds of times a year, so I'm going to be outsourcing it from here on out.

    (Background removal isolates an object in a .png file so you can superimpose it over any background you like or none at all. Great for jewelry.)

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    Graphics, coding tweaks, some marketing, and fun stuff. I once got a knitted frog hat from Fiverr. Best thing I ever bought.
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    I have used it for social bookmarking, creating graphics and setting up profiles. You have to really vet people out.
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    Fiverr is a good place to get many projects outsourced. Among the projects I've outsource are coding and graphics designs. Although basic services are provided for $5, I often pay more due to the complexitu of the job. The way I see it, you've got to pay more if it's worth it.
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    I use them for Backlinks as the guy i use is just great and well worth the $5. Also for getting business contacts and leads data in any country
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    • I found a cool caricature artist on Fiverr.

      Here's the thing: Backlinks are kind of an obvious use for Fiverr but at some point if you have a blog or mailing list you are going to want to create distinctive, unique content.

      If you're trying to position yourself as a leader or guru, why not get a caricature done? They're amusing, people like them, it lets folks know you don't take yourself too seriously.

      Fiverr is looking for freelance writers for its blog. Details here.
      Love microjobs? Work when you want and get paid in cash the same day!
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    I outsourced backlink buidling once and man it was pleasure having someone else do it haha

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    Mostly, I outsource graphic works to Fiverr (for business for for fun )

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    I been outsourcing tasks such as admin task (hired virtual assistant dozen times), posting on craigslist, data entry tasks and Print Ad designing.
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    you can outsource almost all your internet marketing tasks,you just need to know who to order from,there was a good WSO about 2 monthes ago that recommended the best Fiverr services,you better look for it,sorry i do not remember the name of it.
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    almost everything, backlinks, articles writing, video intros and logo design
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    • I just hired a guy to sing my blog name in four part harmony. I'll take that (brief) audio, pair it with a visual and voila! A custom intro for videos.

      What I really need is an easy-to-use video editor. I can't seem to get the hang of iMovie.

      Fiverr is looking for freelance writers for its blog. Details here.
      Love microjobs? Work when you want and get paid in cash the same day!
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    If you select carefully ,fiverr is a best place to outsource. I remember writing few tips on how to select good fiverr sellers. I am a seller to on fiverr.

    Once you get a wrong seller doesn't mean FIVERR is bad.
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    I mostly outsource video creation and some design (logo, ecover).

    Also some fan page design.

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    Hi! I have made best use of fiverr by taking an aid of ebook. I deliver some twitter followers, instagram followers for 5$.Its really fun n easy.
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      Put in mind that fiverr is a marketplace where everything costs ONLY $5 so don't you expect to get perfect service there. However, there are many good services out there.

      What to outsource to Fiverr?

      I personally outsource services like graphic design, Youtube views, Facebook likes.

      You can also outsource back-links and social bookmarking. BUT be careful with that. If you want to buy back-lincks or social bookmarking to get top Google rankings, I advise you to start with few quality back-links and when your website gets older you can increase the amount of your back-links. Google will punish your website if you start building lots of back-links to your website in short time, because Google will see you as a spammer

      What Sellers to deal with in Fiverr?

      I use only those sellers with high rating, so you can sort results by rating and choose a seller.

      Hope this helped you
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    Sometimes I outsource translations. Also it's nice to send some info to Twitter users from there.

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      I outsourced a few graphic designs to fiverr and they were ok. But in retrospect I'd pay a bit more and get A LOT better elsewhere.

      I know of a guy that had a disastrous fiverr back linking thing goin on.

      Oh but I did have some cool move style video intros done for my videos that were pretty good!

      Dan Lyons

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    Having people proofread my work is one way. Bad at catching my own errors. Most of us are. Also, having people create small icons. There are a lot of starving artists on FIVERR now. Most product good work, but it is semi pro.
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    I use Fiverr to write and submit press releases, logo design, ebook and Kindle cover design testimonial videos, social bookmarking, virtual assistants, icon for iphone apps, article spinning and submitting. Lots and Lots. Its a Fabulous site!
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    I outsource standalone graphic work like 3D product images, one-off backlinking strategies, and easy research tasks. The graphics and research results were great, the backlinking, pyramids, link wheels, etc. haven't been that great.
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    Backlinks and graphics pretty much. There are some great sellers on fiverr..You just have to try them out and see what works but you can find some amazing deals
    PM me if you want a list of reliable sellers that i have worked with
    Your website is losing valuable sales and leads every single day.

    Find out how we can help fix the problem quickly and easily.

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    I try to stay away from fiverr, I outsource my seo and thing from seoclerk. which you can find here
    SEO Marketplace - SEOClerks
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