Just Made my 1st Promotional Video for My First Real Client, What do you think?

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Hi Warriors,

I am just made my first promotional video for my first client. I've made tons of videos before, but I am just excited that I am doing this now as a service.

What do you guys think?

Wedding Photography at The Ranch Golf Club San Jose - YouTube
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    Congratulations. I like it very much. Of course, the photography is beautiful but the music and panning work really nicely to tell a lovely story.
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      Did you also take the photos? There are some fantastic shots in that video.

      Congrats on doing your fist promotional video!
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    • It's nice. A little sedate, but maybe that's what you were going for.

      I don't know which slide show maker you're using but you might try Animoto sometime for a change of pace. You can mix video footage with stills.

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        Very elegant.

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        nice.....music is really soothing.

        I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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    It was a nice looking video however putting on my marketing brain here in the WF I'm not sure if the only feedback you wanted was Ah how nice the video footage. If it were me on the tail end at a minimum Id list something like a phone # to the photographer or snippet of the logo and for your wedding shots there's no better call for a quote ---something. I hope that is maybe constructive criticism that helps you make it even better than it was. Best of luck in your endevors.

    Happy new Year 2019

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      I like it. I will say this. The duration of each clip is great. The speed of movement is a little fast. Remember in video, slower = elegant. Especially in wedding videos. You want time to absorb the photos and fast movement calls attention to the movement themselves.

      To recap. The duration of the clips are great, the speed of movement could be slower and still work. Overall I think its very clean and elegant and I like it.

      Take a look at this one. Nothing elegant or classy here. The speed, transitions and graphics look great and the music is upbeat, but I'm not getting as much of an emotional impact from this.

      Your's has more emotion and weddings are very emotional day. You want to convey the fact that the photographer can capture that magic. Also, elegant appeals to women, and women are the decision maker on wedding related videos. If you can make em cry, you can make em buy. Good job.

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    I'm going to agree with marketingstatic... as an artistic
    presentation of a collection of photos it's pretty nice but
    as a promotional marketing piece for the business it fails.
    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    I really like it as well.
    Very smooth transitions that look great from start to finish.

    I do like the music, but would maybe have that for the first part and go into something more upbeat middle to end.

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    Overall - EXCELLENT
    ( I don't say that very often )

    Subtle music most won't hate.


    This can probably only convert Asian customers
    however if that is the target market


    0:50 groom seeing bride before wedding = BAD LUCK - can cost loss of sales
    1:05 these girls look like they are in a nightclub and
    I don't immediately identify any of them as the bride.

    Not my idea, but this is "her" day ... so ..with exception to "one, maybe two" groom & family pics without her .... she needs to be in every friggin' other one ... since somehow she goes into a wedding with the belief that it is her right to be the center of attention. Again, not my idea, but that's the one in the customer's mind, so don't go against it.

    Those are two things to consider if you re-edit ( or for subsequent wedding photographer videos )
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    The video looks good and professionally made. You'll definitely succeed with this.
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    Very beautiful. It helps that the photographs are of such amazing high quality but the way its put together is nice.

    Hope your client is happy with the end result.

    Congrats on your first job
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    Looks great - congrats on the first job. Keep it up.


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      As a wedding video, it's nicely done. As a video portfolio for the photographer on his own site, very good. As a promotional video, to arouse interest in his services, it's pretty much a flop. Plenty of video, not enough promotion.

      You could improve the promotional value by weaving in slides with bullet points and calls to action. Instead of just putting the url at the begining and end, put a call to action - "visit [url] to inquire about hiring us to capture your special day" type of thing.
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    It looks like your client is the wedding photographer rather than the bride and groom. Correct? Looks like the main objective is to showcase the photographer's images.

    It's a nice photo montage. On a Mac, iMovie calls this the "Ken Burns Effect." Definitely requires some artistic ability to make it look really good. My main question is "Why did you use a 4:3 aspect ratio?"

    These days, almost all video uses the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio. This fills the standard YouTube viewer, instead of having the black bars on each side. And, with applications where some folks might be watching your video on an HDTV, it's even more important to create your video in widescreen and at a high resolution.

    Steve R.
    R.A.M. Video
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    Congratulations! Looks very professional. Excellent addition to your portfolio.

    Nick Bhakta

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