What style of website is the best for making money?

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I am going to create a new website and I need some insight.

1. Will News sites ex. Celebrity news. Get a lot of traffic if news is updated daily and targeted a low comp keyword ( not an obvious one like celeb news, but more like current celebrity news (I don't know if its low or high comp but assuming its low) Will sites like that with a blog be able to generate traffic?

2. Referring to question 1 if it is a good idea then what are some main factors in generating the traffic, I'm pretty sure I have a good idea of what it needs in my head, but I want to hear your opinions, I might learn something.

3. Can anyone list the style of websites that will succeed ex. blog type site, video type site etc etc..

I have so many questions but these are all I can think of right now so I would appreciate If we could just start a discussion on this topic "what sites need to succeed"

Obviously traffic=seo content=traffic but list ideas on how to produce good content, how to seo like a pro....

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    Im afraid your not going to find the answer to that here.

    You may find suggestions, a niche with a huge amount of traffic, will nearly always have a huge amount of content sites. And its just to hard to compete with huge corporations like those.

    Im afraid, theres no best niche and again no best style. Do research using keyword tools such as google keywords. Research niches, how much traffic these niches get, how many content sites there are for this particular niche.

    I can only give you one tip, im afraid because the answer is that no one is going to hand the secrets of riches down to you, your going to have to do the research and im sure become very successful after completing this.

    This tip, is to do what you are 1. Good at, and 2. enjoy. For instance, if you've got the voice, or the money to hire voice actors. Make some helpful videos on the niche you've selected. Get them on youtube and various other websites etc. If your good at writing, then write...Its as simple as that.

    Good Luck!
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    This niche will surely bring you huge traffic if you update your website regularly and work in a smart way.
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      Unfortunately this niche has a lot of competition already.
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    Blogs... Simple to set up, easy to update and/or modify and can be used for almost any product or service. The range is great to from a blogger type (good as disposable blogs or for nubbies) where they do the hosting to a free WP blog where you get and do your own hosting and have more control over the end result.

    PS see my signature for an example of how a blog can be used
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    I'd go with something that is very targeted and ready to monetize. The issue with a news website is you will get all kinds of visitors who are interested in this or that, but no one will come looking for a particular product or service, as they're looking for information.
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    I guess you should start a medical discussion forum Low competition and it will get high PR instantly ..
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    You kind of talk about this in another thread but your website idea can get traffic but there is a ton of competition and websites that people already go to daily for news, celebrity/entertainment news. I created a site like that before and it generate some income and decent traffic but you REALLY have to be on your toes and constantly update it when you find new articles. It is really time consuming and stressful but you can try it out.
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