You Could Be Leaving Money On The Table With Every Email..See Why!

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Hi Guys,

Over the last year I've tested my conversion rates for text only emails and
found out that I was leaving money on the table because the way
my audience views their email varies across the board.

Here's what I found.

Although a good portion of my list has their inbox set to receive
text and html emails, a small portion of them have their inbox
set to receive html emails only. And a very small portion can only
recieve rich-text emails.

So as a precautionary measure I have implemented html and
rich-text emails in my email marketing campaigns.

Here's my format:

1. Prepare a standard text email - (Most of you already do this.)
2. Add content to my standard html format -(Have an HTML guy desig you a format)
3. Prepare you rich-text version (Please see my email format for rich-text below.)

This will link them directly to your sales page.

Example Rich-Text Format:

Please add to your address book or safe list
to ensure our e-mail reaches your inbox.
SiteName - Product Name
Date goes here

This week's Product Update is now available. Please click here to view:

Thank you.
Copyright © 2008 Company Name. All rights reserved.

1234 Street Name

If you do not wish to receive messages like this one in the future,
please click here.

I hope this information helps you guys.

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