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Hi. I have a problem which I'm sure many of you have had too and I'm seeking advice. I have articles published on EZA and I've always seen some of these stolen with no link back to my site or even a mention of my name or any other credit given (sometimes the thief puts their own name). However, lately I've been seeing a rash of this - lots of stolen content. EZA does nothing.

So I ask, how do you guys handle it when this occurs?

Thanks in advance.
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    First step is to contact the website owner. Tell them to take the content down or you will be contacting their hosting provider.

    If they don't take the content down the next step is to contact the hosting provider, provide details including links to your original content. I've never had to do this though so I don't know how well hosting companies respond. But they should send a warning or take down the site.

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    You should first try contacting the person and asking them to take the content down or to at least attribute it to you with a proper resource box. If that doesn't work lookup their host on Whois and send DMCA notice to the host. They will take the offending material down from their servers if they find evidence of copyright infringement.

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    I always frown against this, especially when I hear others
    recommending that people should go to EzineArticles and other
    such sites to do this. Shame on them, .

    But the truth? There's little you can do, that will stop this.
    Yes, you can get a couple to take down the articles, following
    the suggestions by other warriors above, but what's stopping
    it from happening right after you turn your back?

    So, it's no use. Just let it go and move on. You are better
    off spending the time and energy doing MORE to improve your

    If you think stealing articles is bad enough, how about
    taking the time, for MONTHS, to produce tons of videos to
    sell... only to find them shared for FREE on tons of bh sites,

    Like good old Jim Rohn, of blessed memory advises...

    "When you sow, some of your seeds will be taken away by
    the birds. Don't go chasing the birds. Here’s what happens if
    you go chasing birds... You leave the field. If you go chasing
    birds now, you leave the field. Which is going to distract from
    your future, not add.

    So you can’t chase birds and try to straighten this stuff out..
    Just let that happen and say to yourself - isn't that interesting.
    And just keep on sowing

    And if you keep sowing, you can sow more than the birds can
    get because there aren’t enough birds. If you keep sowing,
    there are some birds but there’s not enough, because the
    Law of Averages will work for you."


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    Excellent point Kingsley. Jim Rohn was a real smart fellow. He made a fortune with this attitude. And people would do well to take notice of him.

    Tim Pears

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    There's always 2 theories here. One is to expect something like this and just push on. You need to grow ur business. If they deliberately copy it dupecopy will catch it and they may get penalized in rankings.

    On the other hand. consider it a compliment and keep pushing on. There are a lot of people on the internet, some good, some bad.

    wnatc1 aka Tim Cleaveland

    The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.
    ~Henry David Thoreau

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    This is a tough one. When I've found my material on another site, 1st look up whois, and see if private reg. is available, starts to reflect a character profile. Name-country-how active with sites, especially open info, e-mail contact available, etc.
    Contact direct if possible, be polite, "by the way" starts the process. I have found they either remove it right away, (surprised), or apologize, forgot to add your link, etc, and do it quickly on occasion. There are other alternatives, but bottom line, don't waste too much time, getting consumed by it, move on...
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    I agree with WarriorKay.

    I'm both a writer and a publisher and have had more of my work stolen than I care to remember. In fact, when I was young I wrote a short story and submitted it to a major magazine. The student editor working for that magazine rejected my story with no explaination. Ten years later, I saw my story on television as a hot new TV Series. The thief didn't even bother to change the names of my characters.

    Ten years had passed and I could no longer prove that I wrote it. Sure, I was angry. But eventually, I got over it and told myself "Hey, pal, you wrote something that became a bestselling TV series."

    And if you can do it once, you can probably do it again and again and again ...

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