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I finally decided to get a nicer Gmail address, instead of my old one, which is something childish ending in "z0r" (it's some silly thing from games).

Anyway, I want to get a new one with my name. Problem is, I have a lot of other Google services on the old address, G+, YouTube, my Android phone, etc. Is it possible to move everything to the new address?

Or do I have to create a new one and start everything from scratch? If I do so, won't Google get upset that I actually have two addresses? Or can I just delete the old one and all services linked to it?
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    I'm almost certain you can just 'link' the youtube etc to a new Google account.
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      Create your new name, then go into that name's google settings and choose "linked accounts"

      You can also tie in the other accounts' mail via gmail settings to receive, and send-as your other accounts.
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    Hi Eduards,

    In most of your accounts you can go to your settings and change your email address, and no Google wouldn't get upset if you get another email address you have the right to have more than one.

    Most people use a personal address such as the one you have right now, and another address for business such as the one you want to create and sometimes even more.

    Hope this helps,

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    This may help you:
    How to Migrate Your Entire Google Account to a New One

    I remember I've read related articles at LifeHacker, you may want to search and check.
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    Thanks for all the links guys, I've checked them.

    Unfortunately, I'm better off by just closing my previous account and opening a new one, starting from scratch.

    GooglePlus won't let you change your primary GMail address, YouTube won't let you change your linked Gmail address unless you created your account before May 2009, and so on.

    I didn't really have a lot of important information to lose, I just didn't want to go through the hassle of starting everything again, uploading all the YouTube videos, creating my G+ account again, etc.
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