Cutting part of webpage and inserting into Word

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Does anyone know an easy way to copy part of a webpage and then paste it into a word document?

I am making something and need to take some info from a USA government website and then paste it into a word doc. It is to time consuming to write everything all over again when the webpage has exactly what I need.

It would be much simpler to copy and paste. Maybe you know a free method to do this......

I use Windows Home Basic 7.

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    What exactly is it you need that is not provided by CTRL+C, CTRL+V?

    If you want just the text without all the formatting then use Edit, Paste Special, Plain text.

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    Do you want the website style to be copied also?
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      This is what I use and it works great.

      I use something called Jing. Here's the link: TechSmith | Jing, instant screenshots and screencasts, home (no affiliate link whatsoever).

      With Jing, you can sort of select whatever part of the page you want. You can then save it or copy it. You can copy it and paste it (control +v) directly into a Word document, or you can save it. Very often, I copy the selected image, paste it into Paint and save it there first - before I paste it into Word.

      I love Jing - it is super easy to use.

      Hope this helps.

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