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Ok as some might know, I've worked for Google at some points in the past (through Lionbridge Technologies) and still keep an eye on it because it's good to get inside knowledge.

Yes they have their algorythms designed to get the best sites to the top, but when they do get to the top, they have to be reviewed with a human eye in order to make sure the site has quality. This is the reason the review panel exists and is the reason some of you go from page one to page 10 without warning.

Here I will tell you the major factors Google are looking to remove, I will also post the review manual we follow so that you can skirt on the edge of what they consider to be unwritten rules. I should also mention a caveat, they do occasionally chenge the review process. Not much in all honesty, certainly not the fundamentals, but it CAN change at any time.

Definition of the search query:
Is the result directly related to the search query? Keyword placement will not do you much good here, if your keywords are not related to the topic of the page i.e. keyword spamming, this will pick it up.

If your page has an adult theme then they try hard to remove it from the search results unless the search query is directly requesting adult material. So if you have adult ads on there and your site is dedicated to roast chicken, then the search engine will be very unlikely to return your result on that search term due to the adult flag. Maybe if the search term was spit-roast then it might.

Hidden text, keyword spamming, sneaky redirects, framing and cloaking is all checked for. We are advised to download the Search Engine Optimization addon for Firefox and check for javascript, image and frame spamming as well as checking the page source.

Also a site should get a bad marker if for example, the ads look too alike to the content which encourages the user to click the ads.

Read it and be educated.

At 3.5MB it's too large to upload here so download it from here instead. Any questions, just ask.
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    WOW, this is some awesome insider info, never knew actual humans put an eye on the top 10 of search queries and push them down if they want ..... Interesting.

    I will download the file, cant wait to read it! Thanksdavejug1
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    Hey Dave, there is some really great information here, thanks for sharing.

    Got a little worried when you said it was 3.5 GB, that sounded like an awful lot of reading haha.

    But it's only 3.5MB and 125 pages

    Thanks again.
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      Originally Posted by Liam Swift View Post

      Hey Dave, there is some really great information here, thanks for sharing.

      Got a little worried when you said it was 3.5 GB, that sounded like an awful lot of reading haha.

      But it's only 3.5MB and 125 pages

      Thanks again.
      Thanks for that Liam I appreciate it, I've edited accordingly.

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    Very nice.

    I thought I knew stuff but damm didn't see it from this point of view.

    Thank for sharing Dave
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    And for all you video marketers out there, here is video marketing from Google's viewpoint.

    Mediafire link
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    Thanks given man...nice to read something that gives me new ideas or train of thought. Will definitely read your files and keep it in mind. Who knows, my SEO work might have just got a whole lot easier!
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    Just remember that this won't help you get to the top, only to stay there.

    Another thing to cover is the process of it. You get the URL posted in the EWOQ system and click the link. When you are rating it, your ratingsare judged against everyone elses ratings and if there are differences it goes up for a review so a moderator can give their own view on it.

    The reason I'm telilng you this is so you understand that if you believe your website should not have been stripped of it's authority, it wasn't just one person who thought it was bad, it would have been a group rating of at least 4 different people all agreeing. This also ensures that I as an internet marketer, can not demote a website because it might compete with mine.

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    I found another VERY interesting read...its the official US Patent that Google registered for the way it ranks...its hard core maths though, so good luck!

    GOOGLE PageRank Patent - Method_for_node_ranking_in_a_lin.pdf

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      Now that could be an interesting read. Thanks for that

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    This is all nice and good and i might actually take the time and read the whole thing you posted for download.

    But MY question is why some really crappy sites with one page which are obviously MFA sites can rank for the most extreme keywords - and why Google still has that insane preference with the "exact match domains" and has not long abandoned it.

    Sometimes, looking at search results i can NOT see what they always claim that quality sites rank better...get an exact match domain and you are almost guaranteed rankings.
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    I really can't comment on the algorythms, this is purely about the review process once sites get there. Bear in mind that the review panel members are not necessarily marketers and just rate the content directly against the search term.
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      Hmmm, thanks for the share; it should be an interesting read!
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