Is there a truly 'free' reverse phone lookup service?

by sylviad 8 replies

Frustration has finally taken over. There are so many so-called "free" reverse phone lookup services it's almost impossible to fine one that actually gives you any information.

I've tried many that say "free", but when you get the results they are inevitably non-existent (could not find) or they only tell you the location and phone service provider but not the actual phone number owner. Yet, another service will say "success!" and then ask you to fork over $5 to $15 to find out - and even then, they add "if we can't find it, you don't pay". But didn't they just find it? :rolleyes:

Does anyone know of a reverse phone lookup service that doesn't insist on charging?

I'm only looking for company names - nothing fancy, and I'll be darned if I'm going to pay $5 a shot!


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    are you in the us or canada?

    canada is

    good one for the u.s. is
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    I haven't used one for a long time but I thought gave you
    at least basic information for free.

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      Thanks... is one of those that only tells you the provider's name, not the name of the actual company using that number.

      The first time I tried Infospace, it went nowhere, but this time I arrived at SuperPages - and yes, it's free. Thank you. Didn't get me any results for my 2 searches, though. Guess these are unlisted numbers.


      PS: Yup! Whitepages works, too. It says this one number is unpublished, but at least it tells me that much.I thought whitepages was just for residentia listings but apparently not. Thanks everyone. Problem solved!
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    You can try

    HTML Code:
    Notice the "ADDPHONENUMBER"

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  • Profile picture of the author PowerWealth247 has a reverse phone number lookup that I've always has success with and its FREE !!
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        Warriorx2x is correct. If it's a cell# or unlisted# there is NO free service. If a #'s listed you can usually google it (with the area code, don't use the 1) and you will find the info. you're looking for.

        Good Luck,
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