Many Small Niches or a Few Big Ones?

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I asked this question on another post, but it was more of a side question there, so I want to see if I can get more responses by making a post for it.

In your personal experiences, do you find it better to have a small amount of content rich, high maintenance sites? Or do you prefer a larger amount of highly targeted, small niche, low content/upkeep sites?

Thanks in advance!


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    I personally prefer to build simple one page websites and write a review or something similar.

    Building authority sites will take some more work but with the right planning should bring a better revenue than a simple one page site.

    My choice especially if your just getting started in IM would be to build small niche websites.

    As you establish a brand you can start to focus on your authority site for that a little later.

    It's all down to personal preference really.

    Hope that helps
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    Definitely many small one, because as they say: "don't put all your eggs in one basket"
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    I prefer to have a bunch of niche sites. Some of them eventually grow larger, but I don't want everything in one basket.
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    Thank you for the responses! That was my original plan, but I had heard a few opinions on the contrary so I just wanted a general opinion.

    I just built my first niche site 4 days ago, and it's only 6 posts so I was hoping this was a good direction. My main concern was because I picked this niche based on what I saw to be a good market, not on my interests, so I would prefer to leave it small since it would be hard to motivate myself to grow it.

    I want to build out to a few more, but it's hard to justify it until I prove that I can make ANYTHING on a site before I go buying a bunch of domains to play around with.

    I'm just poking around different article sites posting articles with some backlinks for now. Hopefully that will generate some traffic for me, but I hear that it can take months to get any traffic at all so we'll see.
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      For a beginner niche sites is your best bet.....i'm just starting out and i've decided to take this path.....i must say you are on the right path
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    The tighter the niche the better in my opinion. Although I have had success with one large site, I am now working on building more smaller niche sites. As @sylarr said it's best not to put your eggs in one basket - you never know what might happen! See how you smaller niche sites take off; if you see one has more potential than others, or is growing at a faster rate, then work on building that further.
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    I also prefer more smaller niche sites. I start with about 10 pages on most sites, and if a site takes off I may add some more pages. My best performing site is only 2 pages. It does so well I am scared to touch it, so i have left it alone.
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    You could always have both

    I used to be all about small niche sites, but now I'm not sure if I think it's the best.

    A large site will have posts/articles get indexed almost instantly in Google. It also gains authority from the site, so it won't take as many backlinks to rank higher.

    I know the EMDs are great for SEO, but I kinda wonder if Google is always going to care about that.

    After all, is a site like "" going to offer the same quality information as a site like ? Maybe, but I kinda doubt it.
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    Yep, definitely smaller micro niche specialty stores. They take less time to build out, they generally convert better, and the catalog is WAY easier to maintain.

    Plus, if the store takes off & you really like the supplier, you can always build other micro niche stores using that supplier's product offering. This video goes into how to brainstorm niche ideas & this one goes into how to decide whether or not you have a winner!

    Hope that helps!!
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    I like to build authority sites over smaller sites as they rank so much easier once you've got enough backlinks to them.

    James Scholes
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    In long term, larger sites would be better. Smaller sites are easier to rank.
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      We like to use a Hybrid theory. We build about 80 to 100 niche sites a month and each year pick 2 niches to build Huge Authority sites in. This way you get the best of both worlds... and as others have said, you don't have all your eggs in one basket.

      You can monetize all the sites with a slew of options as well...and we target the authority sites as products to sell..being the sites themselves in 18 to 24 months.

      Give yourself an exit strategy for each authority site...It helped us tremendously...


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        If you have a passion, then pick that as your
        first site and build it out bigger as a mini-authority
        site. But once you gain some experience building
        that site, pick a number of sites you're comfortable
        with like 5, 10, 20, etc and start to build out a
        series of smaller niche sites.

        Yes, multiple sites can be a pain and an attention
        killer to manage unless you're prepared for it. But
        as you gain some experience then a lot of niche
        sites are the way to go. Look at Willie Crawford
        or Marcus Campbell who have excelled with tons
        of niche sites.

        Best of luck and let us know how it goes...


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        Great question. I'm planning the hybrid approach for 2012 - working on 4 microniche sites per month and 2 big daddy authority sites for the year.

        That feels like a LOT to me, which leads me to...

        @BrashImpact - Robert, 80-100 niche sites a month?! Wow - that's a ton. Are there any pointers you can offer as to how you managed to scale like that? Did you put together a team? Develop an outsource plan? I'd love to get some insight! (Though I understand if you'd like to keep this close to the vest!)
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    I started with 10 small sites in several different niches. One of those sites really took off and is now my main money-earner with some of the other originals acting as feeders. Starting lots of small sites is a good way to discover what's a good niche for you in terms of what gets traffic/sales AND what interests you.
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    To use many smaller niche sites... you do have to lease out multiple new websites and domain names... right? Do you have the income to factor in this cost into your marketing budget?
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    You forgot an option:

    3 - Whatever suits your preferences, goals and resources.

    Some people can't stay working on one site long enough to make it successful and need lots of small ones, other people don't like to change subjects and prefer to work on one big site.

    nothing to see here.

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