by smokee
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Hey Guys,

Its been a while I am coming over this forum regularly, read, read, read, and then go to sleep.

Since 2 months, I started a website named PakistanIphone | Applications, Themes, Guides, Firwamres which basically targets Apple users which reside in Pakistan.

I havent done any SEO, keyword research and stuff that is why my website is not going being #1 on search engines. Please note, my website is the only one in that region that target's my niche.

Anyways, I would request you guys to visit the website and please suggest me some improvements so I can get some traffic.

Right now, I am not looking for money but popularity. My website is getting around 15AverageHits/Day without any SEO, backlinks and etc.

Looking for positive replies from you guys.

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