Should I be putting privacy on aged domains

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I've acquired a few nicely-aged domains through godaddy auctions in the past year. They're not necessarily domains with existing backlinks or traffic, I just got them because they've been around for many years and I hope that will help the SERPs once i start putting on the intended content.

I recently heard that Google will negate most of the aged domain link juice boost if it sees that the registration has changed, which means that you should make your registration information private.

What is your opinion. Is that true? If I've acquired aged domains and NOT put on privacy, does that mean I've lost the benefits of it being aged? Is it too late to go add privacy now?
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    I never use domain privacy and hadn't experienced that effect in the past when I made use of well-aged domains. We sell a lot of aged domains to people who don't use privacy and thus far haven't heard any of them have any sort of issues of the domain not helping.

    That said, they may have changed things in the past year, so I don't know for sure. I'm not sure Google would assume that a domain going into privacy would not involve a change in ownership.
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      Thanks, what you're saying is certainly what I wanted to hear, just hope it's true! lol. I heard about this in a webinar about leveraging aged domains that somebody here in the WF put into one of the threads.

      If for now I have the domain but no content on it, is there any way of knowing or testing how highly Google regards it or doesn't? I know for example, that I am advised to just make sure it has not been removed from the index for past bad behavior.

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    I advice you to avoid privacy option. It is not safe specially with untrusted hosting and yes godaddy is not that trustworthy.

    I don't think google would do that as it will kill domain markets.

    As long as you bought the domain before expiration process is completed, you have nothing to worry about
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      Originally Posted by onegoodman View Post

      As long as you bought the domain before expiration process is completed, you have nothing to worry about
      Yeah, that distinction makes sense, I think. If a domain was allowed to fully expire before being picked up again, that should be treated as discontinuous.

      In my case, since I'm picking them up off godaddy auctions, I think that means that they're post-expiration but within a 30 day grace period or so before the next step (deletion?) If I buy them during this period I'm still ok, I'm assuming?

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