How do i accept payments?

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Hi all,

I'm trying to receive some payments for some products.
I unfortunately cannot use paypal at the moment.

I don't actually want to use Plimus because of the wait.

What I need is something that pays the vendor straight away via wire transfer, etc, and which give the buyer an option to pay via paypal.

Is there such a thing?

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    Why don't you create an account in elance. I have been paying someone similarly because of the PP restrictions.
    There are few other options of payment available like moneybookers
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    Hey, how would elance work?
    How would The person pay?
    How would I receive?

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      I know regarding Paypal

      about other resources im unable to help you
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        You could try 2checkout and liberty reserve. These are 2 very capable alternatives to the big P.
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    You could have them pay directly into your bank account thru their bank. I've done that a few times when people have had out of the ordinary requests. It's faster than PP too. It goes thru their and your email, so you know when the money is coming. It's safe as well.

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      Guys ... many of you are answering a different question from the one asked: the OP is asking for non-PayPal payment alternatives which enable the customer to pay using a PayPal account.

      (ClickBank, for example, falls into this group, though its usefulness is limited to products which can be sold there - while AlertPay and MoneyBookers clearly don't).
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    I second James on 2checkout as an alternative that not only accepts paypal but also processes credit cards too. However you might want to check out on their fees, and they do not wire automatically, you need to set a minimum threshold.
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    Is ejunky a possibility?

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      Originally Posted by AFI View Post

      Is ejunky a possibility?
      I think not ... because they don't actually handle the money themselves?

      I may have this wrong (someone will correct me quickly enough, if so) but whereas ClickBank - for example - is a retailer and people's customers actually buy from ClickBank who handle their money and then pay the vendor out of it, this isn't so with e-junkie: they're only a "delivery system", and their clients' customers actually pay the seller directly, through PayPal, 2Checkout, Google Checkout or whatever processor the seller is already using? ... Can anyone confirm that, please? :confused:
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    I have had some problems with paypal access too so i'll be trying out these alternatives to see what works best for me.
    Thanx for the info.
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      Well usually I use paypal but sometimes I can't because for some reason the buyer can't. In these cases I ask them to wire transfer to my bank account.
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    Where are you based?

    If you're accepting payments with some sort of customer contact, Square would work for a US address. The fees without a card present aren't terrible (3.5%) and for those of us working offline, it allows you to swipe someone's card for payment on your phone or Ipad.

    Of the true online solutions, a lot of the choice depends who you're selling to. Marketers have more accounts already set up than the general public.

    Ejunkies has worked well for me in the past.
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