Does anyone sell a physical product anymore?

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I know this could be a crazy question...

but with all the new information coming around every day, and everyone trying to brand themselves and whatnot, are there IMers out there who actually are signed with a company like Mona-Vie or Goji or anything to the sort? And if so, do you make capture pages for what you sell or do you sell information first then to lead and close the deal with your actual product?
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    Of course people still sell physical products. Most people selling info products only either don't have the resources to create a physical product or just don't want to risk the time/expense involved. However with a physical product you can charge WAY higher prices and there is a lot more perceived value.
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      There is big value in selling physical products. Not only for the initial sale and its high percieved value as netstrife stated above, but for the opportunity of back end offers to ride along as well.

      I have started filming a how-to DVD series on computing tips, tricks and techniques. I plan to sell to resellers for a nominal fee that allows them to copy the DVDs and resell for a profit. There is re-branding opportunities in these DVDs plus a little viral marketing for me and others as well.

      So selling physical products still has many opportunities for you.

      Hope this helps in some way.


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    Does having a CafePress store count? I have several, and make more from them than any other IM I've tried.
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    There are plenty of physical items that can be sold through commission junction. Quite a few big name retailers have affiliate programs there. Also all of the drop shipping sites would be physical products. So of course there are opportunities out there besides digital items.
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    Oh yeah I understand that. I wasn't really trying to say that people don't have or sell physical products, it's just somewhat weird sometimes because all you see is people selling digital products and information and you never really hear about the actual products they sell.
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    I sell physical products, but I find them wholesale buy in bulk, and pay someone to do my shipping.
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      I sell auto parts. Motor oil, filters, brake parts. All consumable products that have repeat buyers. If you are interested in marketing them I will drop ship.
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    The internet has made me extremely lazy. I love how I don't have to sell physical products and deal with the shipping or employees.
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    See, I felt the same way while I really got into Internet Marketing. It just seems like I was just getting lazier by the minute. But the only thing that really kept me active and whatnot is going to tuesday Mona-Vie meetings and dealing with other people who are in the company as well.
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    Brent Hall from The Multiplier Method states that physical shipments of his information products is a huge part of his business, and an additional way that he tries to stand out from the crowd.

    He does things differently then anyone else I've seen in the IM crowd. I'm not in his inner circle, but know someone who is.

    Let's just say that I may be testing several of his methods in 2009.

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    I sell affiliate products on my site. Actually when I find a manufacturer I will probably make my own product (I can already make it by hand but not cheaply or rapidly). I have the following for the distribution because of my website, but most of the sales will be offline.

    The reason you don't hear more about physical products is because you are talking to people mostly involved with IM. They are dealing information -- that and the trend seems to be quick turn rather than life-long. Most selling physical products are via affiliation.

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      Hi everbody,

      Not at the moment but it's something that I'm very keen to get into. During keyword research for affiliate products I have found that online retailers often ignore the smaller niche keywords and the SEO for some of these terms is almost non-existant. These are very buyer specific keywords. There is money to be made in selling physical products. The difficulty of course is finding suppliers/dropshippers.



      Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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        The vast majority of e-commerce is selling physical products. Because we marketers talk so much about digital products/delivery we sometimes can't see the forest for the trees.
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          Why sell a physical product digital products are so much easier to manage
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