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I got a site which partcularly promotes an ebook in a particular niche. Now, i have developed a blog with 5-6 new articles which points back to the main site using banner ad. I wish to promote my product through building a responsive list. Is it the method of choice? Please tell me how i can bring more traffic to the site that buys my original product?
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    Would you like me to take a look at your site?

    Just shoot me an email and I'll see if I can be of some assistance.
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    I've read many times before that banner ads are not the best choice. It is especially applicable to Amazon review sites, but maybe people do not like them for digital products as well. Do you have a squeeze page on your site? Do you have a free product to give away?
    Send me a PM if you have any questions.

    "Ask simple questions to get simple answers"
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    Yes, having a lead capture page is one of the smartest ways to market your products. They may not be convinced after hearing your sales pitch, but a follow up email might change their minds.
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    Well try seo , Buy traffic, use youtube to get traffic, just put cool video , cool title , tags description and you will get views
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    The most important is who is your customer and where they are on the web.
    Once you know that, you will get crazy sell.
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    guest posting on established blogs with an audience for your niche may also work well for you
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    your ebook business depends on your customer quality..
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