What percentage of your yearly income comes from November/December

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Just wondering what percentage of your yearly income comes from the Christmas season?

I was a newbie last year so I wasn't ready for the holiday season but this year I have a few sites set up for Christmas. I am ranked top 3 for some good (over 2000 EM) keywords but get little traffic and few sales right now. Should I expect a flood of traffic/money this winter?
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    If you promote amazon - or cj, something that sells physical items, usually yes, about 2-3x times normal times, if you promote clickbank or digital, usually no difference.
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      Actually, due to the month, my sales fall in these months
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    It all depends on the niche.

    Plenty of retailers experience 50% of their sales from Nov 1-Dec 31st.

    One aspect which I've noticed the past 2-3 holiday seasons is that there are larger numbers of searches in that time period, but that traffic also converts at a higher rate.
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    well yeah , it depends on niche , if it some present to donate to others than you should get more sales , it depends
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      Traffic in general usually rises since people are spending more of the free time in front of their PCs due to the cold weather, so sales are going up as well.
      The christmas period can have a huge impact on physical items but I wouldn't expect too much from selling digital products like ebooks (unless it's something related to christmas/winter of course ).
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        My main niche since 1997 has been Hawaii - no difference in December. Last year, by accident, I discovered something that had to do with toys in late October. In early november I noticed how many sales I was getting and had an a-ha moment.

        I built HARD for about 6 weeks (I quit on December 12th or so) and I went from making zero in christmas commissions to making almost $4000. I haven't touched those sites all year and I have made about $200 a month from them.

        so that's what ... about a 10x income multiplier just from christmas.
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          During Nov/Dec I usually see about a 20% increase in income rather than a larger increase that a lot of people (and retailers) typically see. The main reason is that over the past few years I've built a number of sites in niches that peak at different times of the year.

          By doing it that way I have been able to generate a more steady income all year long. This helps to reduce the peaks and valleys of an after Christmas slow down or a slow summer.

          The overall goal of a plan like this is to grow income from one year to the next. In other words, I grow a consitently increasing steady income.

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