Budget for the project? Am i missing something here?

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Even though I am member of this forum for a while, I am not in to IM business. I like reading posts and applying some of advices to my offline ventures.
After paying small fee to forum, my post about looking for expert or two was published.

Am I missing something, or most of the warriors doing business different way than the rest of population? I wrote what I am looking for and waited for offers.
I was contacted on skype or via email by numerous warriors.
In conversation, I gave detailed instructions what needs to be done, and asked for estimate. Very few gave me price. Most of the rest asked me how big is my budget for the project, when I asked for the possible cost?

What is the difference in quality of the work done between budget of $100$ or $2000. If I am telling you what I want to accomplish, and you are able to do it. Tell me your price, or your rough estimate. Are you going to do less than I asked for, for smaller budget, or you are going to do extra, for bigger budget?
I am not buying engagement ring or used car to be asked my price range.
I don’t have budget set in the stone, I am not looking for rock bottom price. I need your proposal and course of the action so I can show that to my associates and we can decide who to hire.
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    welcome to the wonderful world of outsourcing.

    the main things to think about are.

    1. due your research. do everything you can to make sure the person you hire has the skills to do what you need done. i dont care what the price is, if they dont have the skills, it wont matter how much you pay them.

    2. look around for other bids on similar projects. yes it will take some work, but hit the freelance sites and see what an approximate cost is for what you are trying to get done.

    3. most of these guys are hungry. (they need work). i usually start by saying my budget is somewhere on the low side of where i have seen other similar projects listed.

    4. make the developer state back to you in their own words what your requirements are. this is the biggest one. they must understand or there is no chance the project will come out right.
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    As mentioned above, this is commonplace in outsourcing:

    Client: "I want this done, how much will it cost?"

    Freelancer: "How much do you have?"

    If you answer this, they will tell you it costs exactly that much (or maybe a bit more).

    Reputable freelancers will give you a price and time based on your requirements.

    Less reputable ones will take whetever they can get.

    It's a headache, but you should do a little research and come up with a sensible budget and timeframe, then ask your freelancer to work around that.

    Hope that helps! Once you find a good freelancer you are sorted.

    ---> Flappy Bird <---

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    You're going to notice this ample amounts of people who are going to test you to see how much your worth. Either let them offer or tell them you will find someone else.

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      Thank you all for advices. I am slowly assembling team.
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          Originally Posted by dave_hermansen View Post

          Are you looking to establish a B2B ecommerce store, a retail ecommerce store, or a combo-type ecommerce store that sells to businesses AND consumers?
          Just to consumers.
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    best way to go is look at the quality of the work they have done before.
    Then phone the clients they built the sites for and ask for feedback

    I have never gone wrong this way and sometimes I find the company that actually designed the site and not the middle man
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    This is absolutely 100% standard and not just in the online community.

    Bad agencies the world over charge based on what the customer has whereas good ones charge based on what it costs.

    A prime example is rent-a-coder (now vWorker I believe). What started as a great idea has now dropped to the point that to win a project you have to massively underbid what it'll actually cost. If you don't, someone else will and they'll get the work. The project will never get delivered of course, but both sides only figure that out down the road.

    A good agency wants to provide a good service at a reasonable profit margin and a good client understands that.

    Bad agencies want to take the client for everything they have (even if it's unprofitable and will lose them repeat business) and bad clients want the work done as cheap as possible even if it means the agency makes a loss and won't be there next time.

    Sad but true.
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