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I'm currently writing a drop shipping guide, it'll be mostly for newbies to drop shipping, those just getting started but more advance users might find it to be refreshing too. I'd like people to review it and in exchange you get it before the public does.

If you're interested, please post in this thread and i will send it via PM when it's ready, hopefully in the next couple days. I'm looking for honest critiques. I know I'm not the best writer and English isn't my native language so if it sucks, I'd like you to tell me but also let me know how i can improve it... if you can put notes in the guide itself in red, that would be perfect.

I'll accept up to 15 people to review this guide for me.

Thanks Warriors!
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    I am interested Franco, I will write a revieew for you.


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    I'll take a look at it. I'm interested in drop shipping and can let you know if it is helpful.
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    Hi - I know nothing about drop shipping, so would like to learn.

    I would be willing to read your guide and advise you accordingly as to any required English corrections.
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      I'd be happy to provide you with a detailed and honest critique of your guide

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    I'd be willing to review your guide providing you give me a few days to do so.
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    I'll look at your guide.
    Since I do a lot of retail and wholesale sales of physical items, I can offer you an educated critique.

    Getting back in the grove after taking a year off following a family tragedy.

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    Hey Franco ...

    I will be happy to review the package and give you my thoughts!

    Bob Gatchel
    Internet Entrepreneur
    as Featured in the Best Selling Book:
    "Multiple Streams of Internet Income"
    Creator: Internet Riches Made Easy

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    Thanks everyone... got 7, room for 8 more if there are more that want to.

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    | My site: I want to help you make money online:
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      I would be happy to give you my opinion and advices about your ebook.
      English is not my mother tongue (I suppose you speak french), but I would certainly be able to find a few grammatical/mistype errors. And if it's not clear for me, it can certainly be because english is not your main language. So, I will let you know.
      I think each ebook should be written in plain and easy english. It's not very enticing nor convenient to have a dictionary opened near to you when you try to learn something from an ebook.
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    What love to help. I got some free time this week.

    Cheap Quality Voice Talent

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    Hmmm, this sounds interesting. I'm in. I'll see if i can be of any help to you.
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      I'd be happy to help out too.
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    I would be glad to review the guide, I've always wanted to learn something about dropshipping.
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    Definitely interested. Let me know when it is ready. I edit a lot of work already as a freelancer here and there. I will definitely give it my honest opinion. Also, I know a little about drop shipping already and would love to know more. How long have you been doing it for?
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      Hey guys,
      If your trying to get into dropshipping...Be Patient...If it looks too good to be true then it probably is. I have been selling on ebay for 3 months and make about $3k profit a month but due to my time im not gonna be selling on ebay anymore. When i first started out there was no one willing to help me find a "real" dropshipper. On my own time i found about 8 good dropshippers that dont charge a fee AT ALL !!!! I can order 1 item or 100 it dont matter.

      Iam here to help you out with dropshipping and im just a normal 26 year old trying to make a living. My email is ryanlent27@ so if you have any questions just ask. I know im gonna get alot of emails so if it takes time im sorry.

      The only thing i wasnt able to find from dropshipping was 360's, ps3,psp. Like the high price electronics. Also if you know where to find those dropshippers for the game systems please email me the link.

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        My wife has been using some drop shippers in her business for the past 10 years. I would be happy to review your guide for you.

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    Having used a range of different dropshippers the last two years - and having been seriously scammed by at least 4 of them (the worst two being in the US and the UK) - I would really like to review your guide, if you want me to.

    Yours, interestedly, Ed

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    Read Why You PPC'ers Are Leaving Money on the Table!

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    I've been around the block a few times with dropshipping. If you still need reviewers, I'd be happy to give your book a critique.

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      If you'd like another Canadian to review your book, I'd be glad to.
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    I know the UK drop ship market. Would be happy to review your book.
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    I would be interested in reviewing it for you. I am in the process of helping a friend with a drop ship website right now. thanks, John
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    Is this still open? I'll be very happy to review your work. : ) I know a lot about drop shipping.
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