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So I thought I'd give my YouTube account a check as it's been months since I've used it. All my attention has been on my Amazon sites over the last year.

I noticed one of my videos I created around one year ago, in fact it was the very first video I had added to my account & it has gained over 2k views. I created the video before I had ever made any money online, just during the experimenting stages of IM.

Obviously not a huge amount of views but it's getting traffic & the video page is now a PR3, ranks at the top of YouTube when you search for the product name & some other good related keywords. It also ranks on page one of Google for a few good keywords too.

Well that's the good news...

The bad news is that at the end of the video it says "click the link below", yep, you guessed it, broken link from an old hosting account below the video.

Felt a little sick when I found that video had been getting traffic & I had been directing it to a broken link.

Well at least I've found it & fixed it

Make sure all your links are working out there!
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      That's why you should keep track on all your web properties and give them a maintenance check every 3 to 6 months

      Hope you will still make some huge profit from your video!

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        I also had one of my domains expire - thought it was on auto-renew.
        I hadn't even looked at it for a couple of years - when I did, the URL opened a printing company website (using my expired name!)
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          Imagine if you had a whole bunch of videos on Youtube by now with live links. I do it for my Amazon products and it works well.



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    Ouchhhh everyone is going to make some crazy mistakes though. Good thing you caught it now though!

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    It happens. Get your head up and fix it.

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    I've been at this for nearly four years now and I still get sick when I find a broken link. It's like a panic attack. lol. OK, maybe its not that bad, buts its like the exact opposite of finding a golden treasure chest!

    Glad you found it and hope the renewed link brings you some cash and prizes. Get that money!
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    Yep, It has happened to pretty much everyone on here. This
    is a prime example of why you should manage all of your links
    through a service LIKE Bit.ly (But I would never depend on a
    3rd party link hosting service such as that. You can create one
    for free using YOURLS).

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    Hell, that must have been quite a bummer. Well at least you are not alone as quite a number of IM'ers have had that experience before. . . I know as I have. After the similar incident, I started to make a tracking record. The first step though is I did not allow myself to think about what could have been if I have checked it (well at least 30 mins after I have found my blunder). . . its history and start to think forward.

    Cheers man, it all happens to the best of us . . . Raleigh
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      Yep, It has happened to pretty much everyone on here
      it all happens to the best of us
      I can't respond without sounding patronising, but it hasn't....

      you should manage all of your links
      through a service LIKE Bit.ly
      Nope, definitely not, but then you add -

      I would never depend on a 3rd party link hosting service such as that
      Exactly. Do it yourself with a self-hosted link tracker. Control your links.

      Roger Davis

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    That's like one of my videos. Made it late '09, went to check on it recently and it has ~22k views. Unfortunately the product it's promoting is almost completely redundant.

    What a waste.

    Australian article writer. 5c per word, 50% off for first 5 people. 1c off price per word if done through UpWork.
    Contact me on here to get started.
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    Don't feel that bad - at least you have spotted it!

    I have done this many times with websites going down, products closing etc...

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    Oooh, the sick feeling of a missed opportunity. I bet you think of what could have been. Your imaginings flashing through your mind at the money you must have lost. I sense you do because that's what I would be thinking of; opportunity lost.

    Well, I wish you better luck next time, man.
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