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by tjc348
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I have one blog where I am currently promoting a CB book. I decided to start a new blog in a similar but slightly different niche, and I am considering being an affiliate for a website rather than just a single product.

For instance, there are several websites that allow you to be an affiliate and promote their products.

I was wondering, should I only promote one website on my blog, or should I promote/ be an affiliate for several different websites?

I was thinking that I should recommend/suggest only one VS several websites, but I wanted to make sure by asking you guys what you think.
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    Or how about offering a CB book and promoting a website that sells equipment/supplies on my website?

    Basically what I'm asking, is it okay to promote more than one product on my website or should I focus mainly on one?
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    it's allways good to have more income streams "multiple products to promote."

    however for myself and my experience .. I know it's best to set up a pro sales funnel.


    well say your website is based on car models..

    so you build your site on car models .. get some good traffic and seo rankings .. you build a list and a relationship with those people "so they trust you."

    then you reccommend product #1 which would be a car model related product..

    say then you would maybe promoted product #2 later on "another car model product."

    then maybe you promote a CPA offer that has to do with car models

    then maybe you create your own product on car models ..

    what you want to do is focus on your niche market -

    I would not promote a product related to .. dog training to a list of people who want information on car models or you will not make any sales and lose that trust you built with your list

    To your success,

    Mitchell Assin

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