How Often Do You Update/Add New Content?

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Here lately it seems like Google has been loving fresh content. I usually try to post at least once a week, and sometimes, if it's a new topic (something trending on twitter or breaking news), my pages can get on the first or second page within a day or two. Small surges of traffic. Haven't really seen a correlation with larger KWs, but then again there are so many factors.

Just curious, but how often do you update your site or blog? Do you see boosts in traffic when you do?
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    Here's the deal:

    People (and Google) need to know that they can expect fresh content everyday on your site, not whenever you get around to it.
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    Previously I was updating on weekly basis, however now I have outsourced it and they are adding fresh content on daily basis.
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    Here is what I did with my blog based on what I learned form reading seo and internet marketing posts, and it seems to be working:

    When I first started the blog, I would post new content daily, sometimes even 2 or 3 times a day. After a few months and getting some audience and traffic, I started posting a few times a week.

    A few months latter, I started posting twice a week, then once a week and now a few times a month.

    But, I think (and I believe most would agree) it would be best if you could post new content a few times a week after your site guest going.

    I would love to be able to do that these days, but between writing content, artcile marketing, forum posting, gust blogging, blog commenting, and all the other promotion and seo things I have to do, not mentioning my 2 offline jobs, I really dont have much free time.

    But, yeah, If you do have the time, I would suggest add fresh content at least a few times a week. Good luck.
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  • When you have a new site, with the exact domain name and with a very very weak competitors, is 5-6 articles enough at the beginning? And does a video plays a role to have good positions in search engines?
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      Originally Posted by Nino Rostomashvili View Post

      When you have a new site, with the exact domain name and with a very very weak competitors, is 5-6 articles enough at the beginning? And does a video plays a role to have good positions in search engines?
      It's definitely a good start, and yes from lots of the SEO guys I talk to there is some anecdotal evidence that videos on pages is helping. Also do this:

      Put at least 1000 words of content on your homepage, if you can get 1500-2000 even better.

      Add a video to your homepage.

      Try to add more content at least once a week.

      Put 1 or 2 high-authority outbound links on your homepage. For example, link to wikipedia or some .edu site.

      That's a good start for good on-page stuff.
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    AT LEAST few times per week. Some websites i'm updating daily
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    I normally post once a week but it would be 4 posts all in one go which would be linked to each other, there is then a lot of work for the rest of the week adding articles which link back to those posts.

    I have found that works really well and gets good positions on Google and they stay there.
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    It's good to add new content as often as you can. Offcourse it takes your time, but it should be profitable, you can even hire someone to do it for you.

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    Post new content every day. Then syndicate the content out as articles, PDF files, PowerPoint (or similar) presentations, video and any other medium you can create from it.

    We call it article marketing on steroids in the video bootcamp that I'm promoting.
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    • I just added a quick 90 second vid that recaps all the featured articles of the last month. I'll be doing that on the last day of the month from now on.

      But what is your goal for your blog? AdSense? Then maybe once a week is fine. If you're trying to build a readership, grow traffic and become relevant and/or an influencer, you're going to want to post as much as you possibly can. It's like everything in life: The more effort you put into it, the more you get out. If you're thinking in terms of "what's the absolute minimum I can get by with", you're not likely to be successful.

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    Yes in my experience the more competitive the niche the more frequent you will have to update your blog. However make sure the posts offer real value and aren't just written for the search engines and you get awesome results.

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    I've got into a habbit of posting once a day, a post around 400-500 words. It is a pain at first, but once you remove resistence from your brain, it becomes a daily routine like brishing your teeth. The other good thing is after each post you do, you get better and quicker. The one I did this morning took 20 minutes, at the begining I could spend an hour writing it!

    I figure that if I do that everyday, Google has just just give in and say "ohhhh go on then, here's some traffic" lol. Each one I do adds another 5 hits a day on average, but also, by doing this, you sometimes stumble upon one which gives you 10 times all the others.

    The lesson from this is not to over think things, and just do it. Sometimes, it's even quicker to write it than think about the competition, or whether you are doing it 100% correctly.

    p.s I can't take credit for this way of thinking, I got most of it from Kevin Riley, that guy is part hamster, part machine.

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    Heh, I post 5 times every day to my entrepreneurial blog, and 4 times every day to my MamaBear blog. I offer daily features you don't find anywhere else.

    So far it's working grand....
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    It depends on the niche that I am working on. I think the key is not how much content you add but how unique and relevant the content is. Content is king and always will be
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