How did you get into IM?

by jsncrs
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Hey all,

Just curious as to how all of you got into Online Marketing? How did you begin? What was your first campaign, etc?
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    I got reeled in an MLM company. Realized I was the sucker and decided to learn how sales and marketing really work and how not to do it.
    Affiliate promotions on clickbank was the easiest start up with Squidoo and Youtube throw in some PPC ads.
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    Gosh if I really was to tell you.. We'd be talking for an hour atleast.
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    I was marketing for the man for 3 years before I realized I was better than my boss at it and could tackle it myself. Best descion I've made in a long time, lol.
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    Its a great experience...its enjoyable, ,juts try!
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    I got into internet marketing to make some money to support my filmmaking dreams. And along the way I discovered that I am really good at this ****, so I stuck with it. I have a 9 to 5 job that deals solely with SEO and marketing and I am looking to expand my own personal sites into a more solid monthly income category during the 4th quarter.

    That said I still wish to make a movie someday... and at least now I know how to find an audience for it haha.
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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      My ex boss cut my over time so I started to look into affiliate marketing. My goal was to make $100 a month. I started to make that within 90 days. Now I am a full time internet marketer...
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    My first experience with online marketing, was when a friend and I created an invention for automobiles. At first we sold it through the newspaper, and then we sold it at Flea Markets. Then I said, "Hey let me see if I can sell it on the Internet.

    Not Bad.... Sold a few units. And that's when I figured that I might be able to make some money online.
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    Back in the days of dial-up, DOS and Windows 3.1, there really wasn't much money to earn online other than promoting adult stuff so I picked a niche I couldn't find and paid a photographer and model in turkey to do some photos for me.

    Fast forward 6 months and I sold it for $18,500 and started looking at other things (MLM was the other money making opportunity).

    Man there was so many opportunities unexplored, wish I knew then what I knew now.
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    Mine was a fun coincidence. I thought i was interviewing for editor but it turned out to be in the affiliate marketing field. I got the job, started the training and it was sooo overwhelming at first as someone who hadn't even heard of the term "affiliate marketing"... I am grateful for this job though; such an eye opener!
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    Started off pretty BH, I think Ewhoring was the go back when I first got into IM haha long gone are those days though... Impersonating a woman all day long wares you down pretty fast haha
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    I wanted to learn how to be a freelance writer ...... I took the long way 'round, but finally got there! Now I'm a freelance writer who also knows how to market a site - Go figure
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    being a generally curious person
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    Got this product All I can say is WOW
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    I started of with writing articles for an IM, then he gradually guided me through the marketing and creating sales pages and stuff. Been doing it ever since.
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    Got into MLM. They did old school. Knew it would't work for me. I was a previous Internet Relationship Marketer for global billion dollar companies. Decided I could take my MLM business online, and here I am!!

    From laid off to 363 out of 40,000 on the Empower Network leader board = tons of leads and lots of sales. I'm a work from home mama having the time of my life!

    I Get 100% Commissions!

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    I got into IM with these events:

    2007 - I joined an MLM company (FAILED AFTER A YEAR)
    2008 - My friend showed me some GPT website through Friendster which I finally expand some search and joined PTC (paid-to-click) sites.
    2009 - I quit PTC and another friend from Yahoo Messenger referred me to Digital Point Forums (I started freelancing there not knowing their purpose yet)
    2010 - I joined Warrior Forum from someone who posted about it on Digital Point and getting serious about IM, SEO and even making more money with gigs.
    2011 - Still very focused.
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    Attended some of the IM events. Well, most of the speakers are selling craps but yea, they dragged me into this
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    I was sat watching TV after another long day working out in the cold and wet as a self employed Joiner, when we stumbled across Andrew Reynolds on his tv channel, that was it, we was in, then came a few months of losing money by taking wrong avenues etc, but after around 9 months we started to make a regular income, we now both work full time online working from home and we love it, we still operate in various niches including Photography, DIY, Auto, IM tuition, Self development etc etc

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      I was reading some business books and got to discover that there is a way of making money from the internet.Sounds interesting and the start up capital isn't that high.

      Initially,I was skeptical about that but after looking through all the successful online entrepreneurs,I realised it can be done with the right mindset and attitude.
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    Wanted more money as a kid, typed into Google something along the lines of "Make Money Online" found a forum (wasn't WF) got talking to people slowly began to learn and waste money and then learnt more.

    And after learning... A lot. Just launched my first website and yeah... Took it from there.
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      I began in 2007 when social media started to explode, then I combined IM with freelance article writing and I have been a full time internet marketer since 2009 and I have never looked back since.
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    Originally Posted by jsncrs View Post

    Hey all,

    Just curious as to how all of you got into Online Marketing? How did you begin? What was your first campaign, etc?
    It happened when I realised how much people are making on Ebay. Got myself a mentor and the rest is history..
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    Used to see a lot of Adsense ads on sites that I used to visit and became curious. On finding out more I realized that it's something that you can make money with. I also stumbled across a successful guy's podcast were he said that he used to put his notes online for others to read, then put Adsense and then went on to relate how he went on to make a huge income.
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    Through the day job as a cocky young web designer I was knocked down a few notches when my boss at the time ranted 'it's all very well having a great looking website, but where's the @#£$%!!! sales'.

    Studied everything I could get my hands on about IM, quadrupled the online sales and then left to make more money elsewhere.

    Turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to me, even though it didn't feel like it at the time.
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    I just seek it by different tutorials from Youtube and also with the help of warrior members.

    Now i get success in the field of marketing and till now i am seeking form others as well.

    Best of Luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author Sheila Dunfrey
    I get into IM by accident. A friend of mine was the one who is really into IM. She introduced to me about this but i didn't mind at all. But now, i am earning and thanks to her.
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    I started when I was doing a web search about how to actually make money online without having to invest much cash. It was great because all I had to pay for was a domain name and web hosting. It took some time to learn that I could not just throw banner ads across my web site and expect to earn lots of money.
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  • Bad company owes me money, got into a lot of trouble, almost sue them, quit that job and tried IM, made some money, don't want to looked back...
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    I have always been fascinated with the Web ever since I heard about it in 1993. Got my first email address in 1996 and had my first browsing experience the following year.

    Started IM because of my interest in the WEB
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    • Profile picture of the author bjd461
      Always had an interest here, and when my company went bust I made a deliberate effort to explore and learn about IM. Still here.

      Some working strategies to earn extra money, by starting and maintaining your own blog for ways to make money online.

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  • Profile picture of the author Alex Nash
    A long time ago when I saw one of Jeff Walkers products, somewhere. Don't remember what he sold (wasnt any formula etc). I was immediately inspired when I saw that he did this on a weekly, monthly basis.

    The whole concept about launching something on the internet, and then cash in sounded very good in my ears so I kept researching for it. My passion for IM slowly grew over years, took a few courses here and there.

    That's how it all started, kinda

    ~Alex Nash

    Learn from your mistakes. Experience is priceless.

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  • Profile picture of the author JadeLy
    Someone left a comment on my blog - and I followed the signature to discover a whole new world ... Still learning and fascinated by the IM world!

    Are serious, desperate or both? Then check out the no-hype real deal and get the absolute best IM training ever from someone who has actually done it.

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    Completely by accident.

    I was doing it before I even knew what it was.

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  • Profile picture of the author Kerryrus
    I come across IM by accident.

    I started with drop shipping just looking to make a few extra bucks from home selling ink cartridges and laptops. Anyway it was a big failure so I began looking for other ways to make money online and it just went from there.

    So glad I did though because i totally love IM and couldn't imagine doing anything else EVER
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    I started of with writing articles
    Signature - Skype Id - shalini.mittal41
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    I had several successful offline businesses and had a lot of business friends. One friend took his business online and did so well, he started showing others how to do it. I got started with him to promote my offline business online, too.

    Then I sold it all and semi-retired. Then, I used what I learned to help another friend who owned an offline business market online.

    Then just very recently I decided to start from the beginning and actually create an online business and see how I could do at that. It has been mostly the technical stuff that has slowed me down at first but I finally found something that works for me because I like checksheets and step by step instructions without a lot of fluff or instructions.

    I hope you find all you need on this forum to help you to be successful.

    Good Luck :-)
    44 days in and we broke the $10K a month recurring bench mark.

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      I did not know anything about IM business. I live in india. When i was student of class 12th i used to visit cyber cafe for watching porn. Because it was the only place where i could enjoy it with out any disturb. But the cost of using net was pretty high. They charge me $1 per 2 hour and if you are watching porn they ask some extra amount.

      It was hard to pay this amount but i were porn addict and love seeing them on PC. I searched about some part time job over google[ i did not know about google, i read about it in some Indian news papers]. Then i got some website which claim to pay some cents of hour browsing. It was useless.

      After some month in 2004 i met to guy "My ex boss" they asked me to do some email submit and complete Indian surveys. I did that for some years and by the time i were learning all the points of IM and after some years become a AM for some networks.
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  • Profile picture of the author Martin1977
    I started to involve to IM in August 2008. When I surfed on the net I so an advert how to make money online. I thought I would love to work from home and to make money on the internet. So I started to learn from e-books, training videos how works the IM. Along the way the learnt a lot. I enjoy to learn new things and earn money. :-) I have passionate what I do.
    My first campaign was by Adbrite as banner advertisement.
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  • Profile picture of the author William Gilreath
    I started back in 1997 doing offline marketing and sending my prospects to my website. That worked really well for me and I believe that I will go back to doing more offline marketing directing my prospects to my website.

    William Gilreath
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  • Profile picture of the author timpears
    I started on eBay many years ago and did quite well for a while. I wanted to have my own online store and had a site built. That was a big flop. Over the years I have kept coming back and reading stuff on how to make money in IM, and then I got an eBook that mentioned Warrior Forum. So I joined and started the real learning.

    Not being able to work any more due to health problems, I needed a way to generate some income so I don't have to live on the stipend that Social Security gives me. So I continue to learn and try to do the things that appeal to me.

    Tim Pears

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  • Profile picture of the author pennington33
    I got in to it just for the reason i always wanted to learn how to make money online. Its alot of time and hard work. But the hard work is finally paying off. I love internet marketing not only do you make money online but you meet alot of good people online as well.
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  • Profile picture of the author Kal Sallam
    eBay got me into IM my friend...thanks eBay.
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  • Profile picture of the author Internet Lawyer
    Ironically, doing Intellectual Property work for a client of mine I became interested and it went from there.
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  • Profile picture of the author winseosoft
    When I was in collage I tryed to support myself and don't ask money from parents anymore so I ended buying some clickbank useless products and did nothing at beginning , few moths later I was starting to figure things out and all was beginning to make sens , after one year I droped collage and started online by myself.
    Since then I never ask for a penny from somebody else.
    I guess IM is the best thing that happened to me.
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  • Profile picture of the author Technology
    All started as others have alluded to, with Clickbank. From there I moved on to other things!
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  • Profile picture of the author sandrasims
    I had left one job for another, then discovered I'd went from the frying pan into the fire. I quit in 3 weeks. Then spent months doing TEMP jobs at near minimum wage. Anyone else ever do temp work? It's unpredictable, low-paying and generally demeaning.

    So I started looking online for what kind of jobs I could do from home. I found Lynn Terry's forum and followed a lot of her advice. I started a website about something I knew about, fundraising for charities. I thought it would be a "practice site." It became my main business for about 7 years until I sold it last year for a six figure payday. Really.

    Now I have a couple of ebooks and am moving into mobile marketing.
    Sandra Sims

    Established marketing services website - view my Flippa website auction here!
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  • Profile picture of the author brianboyer
    It all started with a tech blog I started back in 2005 from reading success stories and making money online. Since then I have learned so much, created multiple websites, and earn from a variety of income streams.
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  • Profile picture of the author Charles Evans
    I started on eBay... Then WALAAH! I realized I could sell virtual items and save tons on storage and shipping expenses...
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