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Today I found a few new blogs mainly for a nice thought out comment and a link back to my blog.

Anyway, don't you just find it so funny when you can tell that the blog comments are from the site owner? I just absolutely love it. It is funny to me.

I know we all have to start somewhere but I do not find it right. It is like a small white lie to your readers. That not really cool. Not a good way to start out. If you do this it will just continue and my opinion is that you will eventually give up because you are not seeing results or readers. Hope this makes sense.

At least buy comments. This is better in my opinion because you are pretty much buying traffic or readers. lol

Anyway, what do you all think about this?:confused:

BLOGGERS ---> You know who you are. Just build your traffic and wait for the comments to roll in. I know I receive at least 100 comments per day that are caught from my spam catcher. Maybe a few here and there a week are legit comments.
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    Call me old school, but all of the comment sections on ALL of my posts are closed. I like the clean format I guess.

    As for those who comment on your own blog? I heard keyword stuffing was popular in 2006... maybe you should get in your time machine if your still doing it today.
    You're going to fail. If you're afraid of failure then you do not belong in the Internet Marketing Business. Period.
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    Personally I find that paying someone to comment on your blog is just as bad as doing your own comments. Doesn't say much for your blog if you have to do that.
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    Yeah, that would be a bit annoying and the site owners if they do post on their own blogs or pay someone to post on their blog then they themselves should be annoyed at the fact that they are not getting the traffic and exposure that they want. If that would be happening then I think it is time to rethink on their approach and strategies. :-)
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    Funny, hell yeah. You can always tell if the comments are either made by the owners themselves or paid for it. Too much on the positive I say. I have encountered similar blogs and honestly I would tend to shy away from them blogs once I have sense that the post are just padded so as to speak.
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    Funny but it always look little better because it shows that something happens on blog. Maybe he try to start discussion with his viewers

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      Originally Posted by adbash View Post

      Funny but it always look little better because it shows that something happens on blog. Maybe he try to start discussion with his viewers
      Still a white lie! Not cool in my opinion.

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    is really funny but this happen most of the time...the funniest part is that it works..!haha
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