Is this worth it? Dominating smaller social networks?

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Hi all,

Everyone is now on FB, Twitter and G+. They are great sources of traffic.

I thought of another way of getting MORE traffic:

- Find a small social network (Alexa 10,000 - 100,000)
- Register
- Login
- Make a good looking and interesting profile
- Get loads of friends or followers
- Get in the top users on that site.
- Drive in HUGE traffic to your site.
- Monetize...

Everyone focuses on Twitter and Facebook. Why not dominate a smaller social site and juice out the most traffic out of it as you can?

Please share your thoughts!

(Maybe you think that I am an idiot, but I think this could be achieved)
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    AkosBlog, It may be not such a crazy idea after all! )))
    The weakness in your plan, however, that I see is in "Get loads of friends or followers" - you probably can get them by being highly procative or using some automation software, but can you keep them without actively interacting with your followers?! And if you do, is the time spent really worth the traffic/benefits you'll be getting?
    That's a big question to me.

    Anyway, bold idea! ))
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