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The number of daily visits fo a website is related to the [exact] monthly keyword search? to the "phrase" monthly keyword searches or the broad monthly searches?

Is the website like a restaurant where you cannot fill more than a certain number of persons?

The keyword of my website has 4400 search broad ,1300 exact,2400 phrase.I'm now on 4th place in google first page for my keyword.How many visitors should I expect daily in this kind of situation.

Can i guess an estimate?
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    IMO it's always best to look at [exact match] searches when estimating traffic. My keyword tool shows exact match searches per day within the US market only. So it gives you a very realistic guesstimate of how many times a specific phrase is typed into Google a day.

    Using broad or phrase match to estimate traffic is nearly impossible. Simply because it's hard to know what all phrases are considered related or what all phrases will contain the keyword phrase.
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    so i should consider me lucky to have got 1000 visits in a month with a exact match of 1300
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