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by DW63
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Sorry this idea may have been rehashed in other threads but I want to make sure I cover all the bases.

I have my own product, but a big fat 0 as far as the number of subscribers to my mailing list. I have seen how well the dating niche guys make money by building products and marketing them to their mailing lists and customer lists. I also want a list like theirs. They seem to really be making bank with good product sales cuz of their mailing list. (Even tho I am not the dating niche I am just aware of their success and strategies). I know there's a variety of things to do to get the email list bigger once you have one, but what if you have NO subscribers and don't want to stress about SEO and being at the mercy of Google all the time??? I would rather be at the mercy of Aweber than stress about SEO.

I know theres JV's and guest posting and such, which Im gonna try to do the guest post on an email list by giving free podcast for people to give to mailing list. Is this effective? What are some ways to build a list with NO subscribers. I am thinking along the lines as fast and effective, even if it involves a lot of work and perhaps sacrificing earnings initially if necessary? I'd rather sell info products for a living than go to grad school.

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    Everybody that has a mailing list started with a big zero.

    If you don't want to rely on search engines, then you need to rely on paid traffic to build your list. Paid traffic comes in many forms. There's banner ads, PPC, solos, WSOs, etc.

    There are other free methods, like forums, but that is very slow. Come up with a game plan and stick to it. Personally, PPC has been very good to me for list building.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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    You could try getting solo ads off someone that has a list in the dating niche.

    Where you get them, i ain't a clue.

    Could try the JV section of the forum.


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      A passive way to get subscribers is to make a freebie product and put it behind a squeeze page. Someone would provide you with their name and email address and you get them on the list.

      You can start building a relationship inside a dating niche forum and go where they allow signature links. After a few weeks of leaving posts add a signature link leading to your squeeze page.

      Once you get subscribers consider sending them offers to either your products or affiliate products. Stay consistent and do one offer once a week or longer depending on how well it goes.
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        You can actually start building a list fairly quickly with forum posting. Honestly if you really work at it you could probably get 250 people in a week. And once you have at least 250 its ad swap time.
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        Here's the truth about getting traffic. There is a fast way and there is a slow way. The fast way always involves paying for it, whether it's PPC or solo ads etc. You can go the slow way by doing SEO, back-linking, article marketing.

        It's a question of whether you are willing to invest in time or invest in money. A lot of people starting list building will want to get some momentum going, so paying for traffic makes sense. Think of it not as a cost, but an investment. This is a business we're building, and all businesses involve investment.
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          Personally, for beginners to the IM world, I think helping people with great answers to their problems on forums and blogs is possibly the most beneficial all round solution for beginning a list from scratch.

          Everyone wants fast traffic.
          Not everyone can do either SEO or understand PPC as a beginner, therefore the only real way I think, is to gain expertise, help others, build a solid following and take a couple of months to get that list to 1,000 or so by giving out at first.

          From then onwards, it seems, many peers will want to come on board with you and depending on your own business plan, it's up to you to accept the various offers which will suit you.

          You seem to have a fair idea of how it all works, so why not 'befriend" those in the niches you desire to access and take time to build beneficial relationships with the big movers and shakers.

          JV's have an enormous potential to explode your list size virtually overnight, but you must be able to manage the expansion suitably.

          That's my reason for thinking building relationships and credibility by posting in forums and blogs is the best way to create a niche business list from zero.
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    In my opinion, the best way to build an email list is by giving away free tools.

    For example, one of my latest tools got me 5,000 email list. All for free! It spread my word of mouth.

    What it did was, a person enters their website and keywords they're targeting. The tool would email them anytime it saw the competitors gaining backlinks.

    So yeah, my suggestion would be to invest in tools and make them available for free instead of paying for traffic (buying ppc, banners, etc)

    Hope that helped!
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    Everyone gives away free ebooks and what not nowadays. Give away something of use and value and make sure that visitors are actually driven to your squeeze page. Otherwise they obviously can't opt in...go figure
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    Thank you all very much for your great ideas! I appreciate it.

    I actually have changed my business and have invested a lot of time this weekend into something else. The niche I made a product for this summer was uninteresting to me but with the new niche I can still sell it eventually, so its not a loss.

    I am in the dating niche now, but I wasn't when I posted this thread. I have read so much about attraction from people giving dating advice to men that when I turned around and started working to become an authority on dating for women (all within a few days), all the advice on attraction I was running into on articles I had either heard it before or could provide better or equal content (in my opinion that is). This is just to say im a lot more qualified in this niche than the last, and much much more interested in the subject, so I can freely produce content in large quantities.

    So my current plan was this. I have put 25 extremely high content blog posts up in two days. I made sure to say my keyword phrase once or twice every post in a non awkward fasion. I also used my keyword phrase as my domain name for blogger. Google hasn't indexed it yet but I hope its worth all the effort. I don't know much about SEO but last product I made I made a good product but couldn't find traffic or motivation to get said traffic, since it was a boring topic to me. Human attraction however, is very interesting and I know a lot more stuff about it.

    I also built a training course for the email opt in. The squeeze page shows up as soon as you go to the website, and its prominently on the right hand side when its not in squeeze form. The training course is like 3 pages per email spread out over a week. I am putting some decent quality information in there (in my opinion that is). However, the plan is to currently give away a ton of theoretical knowledge on attraction, but sell the practical stuff. (I.e. freely give away the "what" so that I look like an authority ,then go ahead and sell the "how").

    However, to get traffic I have built 4 separate powerpoint lessons on different topics of interest (total about 80 slides) and am trying to get other people with websites to give away that content for free. I have emailed about 10 other websites about it. The free content powerpoints repeatedly (twice per lesson) urge the reader to get the training course on the website and link to it, because it gives related information. I am not sure if they will be willing to put the link up to the files or not. I mean it's definitely stuff I believe and its reasonably good content.

    The idea is to actually build the list BEFORE the product, instead of like last time where I built a viable product, but had no way to market it. Then, once I have the list, I go ahead and develop the product, which will come a lot easier to me since I am more interested and know a lot more stuff about it (at least from a theoretical standpoint).

    Idk perhaps I am overly optimistic getting other websites to partner and give away my free content?? I hope they want to give it away, and that it develops traffic, but who knows. I hope this is a success because it's much more interesting to me and perhaps if I am super lucky can escape the prospect of grad school and do a career selling info products instead.
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    PPC, Solo ads, Ad Swap would help!
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    What is 'Adswap"
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