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by RokDot
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Heya warriors. I'm RokDot, I just had an interview with Leo & Paul, the owners of a membership site & talking to them just made me feel to give warriors some tips.
This mainly applies to new warriors, who're looking to get good at IM.

Like I said in the interview, in my opinion, one of the best things you can do when you start marketing is Networking.

Talking to other marketers about how to market, exchange ideas & get info about there experience in marketing. A lot of warriors here on the forum are VERY helpful people & don't mind taking 5 minutes of there day to point you in the right direction.

Another good thing to do is to JV with other people. Find someone who wants to partner up on a project, find something you're Semi-Good at or if it's as simple as getting a site up, it's a good learning curve you can do with them. Now I know most people doing JV's, are experienced, by me myself, I have JV'd with very novice people to give them experience and let the see the fruits of there labor & also teach them the work & effort involved in marketing.

The last tip I can give new warriors, is to READ. There is nothing more important than studying IM, then looking up & gaining knowledge through experience, doing it yourself or reading a forum post. In online Marketing Knowledge is more important than Gold. Knowledge is priceless, because with knowledge you can make Millions.

I just hope for new warriors it gave you a sort of idea of what you CAN do to better yourself.

You're going to spend months reading & trying and failing. But that's just what IM is. It's like riding a bike, but one you can ride that bike, it'll take you places.

Cheers guys if you've read this far.
Any queries or if you just want some tips on things, feel free to PM me your skype address & we can talk from there.

- RokDot.
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    Great tips. I love it when people make these kind of topics.
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      Originally Posted by JustFelix View Post

      Great tips. I love it when people make these kind of topics.
      I enjoy helping people on this forum.
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    Wow, awesome post! I totally agree what you said here.

    I'm sure it'll help out some newbies.

    Good stuff man. Cheers!
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    Lousy tips.
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    It's just common sense. Everybody may know about this at the back of their minds but it's good to be reminded once in a while. Thanks for the reminder RokDot!
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      Reading is an excellent tip. There are tons of videos out there for those who despise reading too. I'm just beginning myself, but I see many people give this about a week and give up. :confused:

      I have made it though week one of IM Boot Camp! :p
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    great of you to offer the help. Now don't get mad when I ask you a bunch of newbie questions. LOL
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    A friendly reminder from your friendly neighborhood spiderman. But seriously, a good reminder. Nice to see tips and reminders abound with this forum, keeps you learning new things as well as bringing you back to the basics. Kudos RokDot.
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    Mr. Rok, thanks for sharing your insights. I agree with you very much and I absolutely love your riding a bike analogy at the end. You rock!
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    good tips!
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    Great tips! Thanks for sharing
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    I do rock. That's why I'm called Mr Rok. (:
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    hi all newbie here just joined wf looking for some of that good reading material, any suggestions?
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    Hi Rok Dot,
    Thanks for the tips, I am doing the reading..... whilst trying to avoid the scams
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