Selling Ebooks vs Selling Software

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what are the pros and cons of each?
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    I would like to see it as 2 totally different merchandise. Ebooks are usually to transmit informations and software will be for helping to user do something. Think automation some sort?
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    - Easy to Make
    - Shorter Time to Complete
    - Cheaper Production Cost
    - No Technical Skills Needed
    - Easy to Sell


    - Easy to Copy
    - Lower Priced

    - Can make millions if you are really good
    - Can automate processes and provide great value to the marketplace
    - Harder to copy

    - Highly technical
    - High overhead costs
    - Easily pirated
    - Needs really high commitment
    - Long time to develop (usually 5-10 times more than an eBook)

    Hope that helps
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    Well, Pro's and Con's depend on what aspect you are looking at. If you mean selling, I think the same principles apply to both.

    If you mean creating, then I the Ebooks are easier and quicker. If you can use Word, you can make an ebook.
    Sofware can be a lot trickier. You cant guarantee software will work on any computer.
    Plugins are more reliable as they are intended only for a specific platform like Wordpress or Photoshop.
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    I have done both. software can sell for more, but there is soooo much more customer service involved.

    Every time I did a promo, I wasted more time answering emails than making money.

    So make sure you have the back room support in place.

    The cons of both is that hey are usually single sale items.

    Suggest that if you go the software option, try and make it subscriber based.
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    once you are in the IM game a while you learn that most of the information out there is very similar. its gets very hard to stand out selling just information products.

    i still buy some info products, but honestly, in almost every case i scratch my head and wonder why. its almost all the same stuff. and i am not saying its bad. the basic business of making money online is really not all that complicated.

    but its not that hard to come up with a unique idea for software that can make peoples lives easier or that can help people make more money.

    by thoughts are that its ultimately about making sales, and that its easier to get an innovative software noticed than another ebook about how to make money.
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    Yes, I have sold both and software edges it. The other thing about software in most cases you will get less competition as it is harder for people to make.

    But you have to make sure it works with Mac, PC etc... and keep on updating it as well.

    You also have more legal issues to take note of in most cases as it will have to work on people's computers.

    To answer your question though I have found software more profitable overall.

    Chris Jones
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      It depends on what you want each to accomplish. There's software out there that will let you build both an ebook and/or software product. NeoBook is one.
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      Originally Posted by Chri5123 View Post

      The other thing about software in most cases you will get less competition as it is harder for people to make.
      the only think that concerns me is that it is harder for me too...
      and i don't know if the extra effort will worth it.
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    Some software you can sell as a recurring product, but with ebooks you can only sell as a one time payment.
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