Buying traffic - yes or no?

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Hello, everybody.

I've got one question... What are your experiences on buying traffic from traffic brokers? I suppose that kind of traffic converts far less than traffic from search engines but I'm curious if it converts at all.

I'm sure there are brokers who send low quality traffic or bots but I'd like to know if there's any legit company that would deliver real, targeted traffic.

Average price I've seen so far is 5000 targeted visitors for 25 dollars. So, even If I'd get ONE buyer out of those 5000 visitors it would be profitable. But the question is if those are real people at all.

What are your thoughts on buying traffic?

Thank you in advance
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    There are a ton of these types of paid traffic websites. A lot of these sites sell "junk traffic." Make sure that if you're buying from a forum that the thread has a lot of positive reviews. If you are going directly to a website, do a Google search for reviews on the website.
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    If you are going to buy traffic, buy PPC traffic, banner ads, or email marketing services. The 5,000 visitors you are talking about is usually delivered via pop unders or expired domain traffic so it won't convert very well, if at all.
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    I would be very cautious when buying traffic. I think a vast majority will be bots. This with an increased bounce rate would most likely be very bad for your SEO on your website. With a high enough bounce rate the search engines will think that the terms used on them are not relevant to the content on the page.
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    For me personally working with CPA offers, purchasing traffic is a must. However I look to acquire traffic from facebook, PPc and CPV traffic.

    As to the type of sites you have suggested as advised they normally just send junk traffic, this of course has its uses, but not necessarilly to promote products or services.

    The only way you will know definitively one way or the other is to put some money don and test it.

    Good luck

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    Every day i learn something new from WF.Now,you mean i can buy traffic??
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    Hey Beyan_bg,

    I personally won't do it. But maybe for your experience it is better to try it out. I have spend hundreds of dollars and after years I discoverd that it is better to get targeted leads by giving real value. Now value is a word that is very abstract and this basically means that you learn people to get real measurable results .

    This will make you way more money than every.

    Hope this helps
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    I do not trust the buy traffic websites because it is usually crap that isn't worth it. Mostly bots, visitors who do not stay at your website, people who are not interested, and so on.

    I only pay for advertising such as PPC campaigns on Adwords, Facebook, and other popular websites that fit into my niche. Way better to spend your money on that instead of throwing it away.
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    Yeah I wouldn't bother with traffic brokers- stick to the stuff that's legit.

    Everyone uses Facebook, Adwords, etc. for a reason- they work.
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    I won't buy traffic personally but you need to work things with trial and error. I am sure some people have great results so unless you try you will never know.

    I live is sunny Florida where I sell homes in the Tampa Florida Real Estate market. I also have a general DoFollow Blog where I write about anything and everything.

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    I have in the past indulged in traffic binges, over the years, starting in 1996, I have purchased many different types of traffic, pop unders, popovers, PTC, and all those other forms of paid to traffic, those were were what I would call low quality, traffic, there are some other sources, of traffic that are of a higher level, however to be honest, I have seen little in the way of conversions from any of it, and believe me when I say that I have spent thousands of dollars over the years in buying traffic.

    This was long before todays, robot generated traffic using Proxy servers, and PHP Arrays, to simulate traffic, (which is likely what you will get with most of the offers out there today)

    As an experiement I even developed a bit of software that would test if there were a real person behind the mouse or if there were nothing present, (tested to see if a mouse were attached to the system) 7 times out of 10 no mouse was present on the system, which means that it was mostly fake traffic.

    Fake IP addresses, Fake traffic, this equals, no conversions, I even had a client that went out (against my advice and spent $2500.00 on a "Traffic package" from a so called broker, which resulted in not one conversion, blame the sales page or the copy all you want, but most of the time, buying traffic only guarantees one thing, your going to be out money and have little or nothing to show for it in return.

    I really think that the best way to develop good traffic is to provide solid quality content, good keyword research, a product that people want, and (need) and you will not have to "buy" traffic at all, invest in what will bring the world to your doorstep instead of investing in trying to buy visitors interest find something that is so unique and so valuable that they will come to you.
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    Buying traffic depends on the kind of product you are promoting. Unfortunately, most company offering traffics including email marketing are nothing but a waste of time. Email marketing for instance can offer you saturated list that they hundreds of people have posted to be and still posting. This tends to devalue the whole thing because the subscriber can not keep on responding to all emails and would regard everything as junk.

    PPC, CPC is more advisable with the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN or you try Facebook ads/PPC.

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    Buying traffic would defiantly be a no go for me, personally. Mostly all of them is traffic from bots, botnet viruses, expired domains. So there's no way you're going to be able to make money out of that traffic.

    You should defiantly try out legitimate traffic from paid sources like PPC, Banner ads, etc. Sure, its pretty expensive.. but if you know what you're doing, it profitable. Very profitable.

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    No - simple. These traffic won't convert into sale so don't waste your money
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    I think Tim Franklin summed it up very well in his previous post.

    Paid traffic is useless, increases your bounce rate, and decreases the amount of time spent on your site. All bad indicators, and no conversions, so a waste of money. I've tried it, and have come to the conclusion that working the crap out of your on and off page seo, combined with a manageable competition product and keyword selection is the key to driving relevant traffic interested in your solution to their need.

    Any other traffic is a waste of time and money.

    Spend your money on optimizing your keywords and product/service selection.
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    Its pretty much garbage traffic. A lot is from autosurf traffic exchanges and temporary timed views. It is worth looking at the sources if their available, some are better than others. Overall its a waste of money though, even with the better sources.
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    My experience with paid traffic ( I assume you are talking about solo ads/mailings) has been up and down. Yes, you can make sales with that method, however you have to be experienced with it and also make sure that the traffic broker you are dealing with is a well-trusted, verified traffic broker with real testimonials. Also, the normal price range you should expect from normal solo ads is $60-$90 for 250 clicks, $100-$185 for 500 clicks, $225-$325 for 1000 clicks. That's what I normally see for most people who offer quality solo ads. You have to be careful though because you may not make any sales or get any leads. It all depends on your sales funnel and whether or not your squeeze page converts as well as your offer and follow up messages. A lot goes into it but most importantly, you have to have a system in place in order to really profit from paid traffic. Always remember this as well, when it comes to getting traffic, the average thing that happens for most marketers is that for every 100 visitors a day, you can make 2 sales. That's what you can realistically expect on average. I purchased a solo ad for $187 for 600 clicks and I made 4 sales. It is always varies with whatever you are doing but yeah keep at it and you'll definitely get where you want to be.

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    Media buys is a really risky option for the inexperienced and I bet there are plenty of people here who have lost money doing it ..... but there are some successful stories too. As with anything in this business, you need to do a whole lot of research and be very sure about what you are doing before committing any funds to buying traffic.
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    I think buying traffic is ok,but depends on how much you pay for advertise and how much you earn
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    it depends on the source of your traffic...and also the page your traffic lands...
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    You mentioned you can afford $25 for 5000 traffic, but I have doubt if anyone from those 5000 will have money to buy a product of $25 or more. Because the traffic you will be buying will come mostly from Traffic exchange, autosurf and bots.
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    I'll be honest. Learn HOW to get lots of Targeted Traffic to your offers.
    Don't take short cuts, it's something you'll have to learn to do in the future & it's better going through the learning curve at the start, rather then later on when it really counts,
    Ofcourse you can buy traffic, but in my opinion it isn't effect because most of the traffic is re-directs of people who haven of intention of buying anything online.

    Social media is the best way to get targeted traffic, try look up that & studying it.
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    $25 for 5000 visitors in my opinion would be junk because the traffic is too cheap.
    If you have extra money to spare (hey it's just $25) just buy traffic and see how it goes.
    If you don't have any extra money, please don't do it
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    i know little about it ,but if that casuse bad effect on the website ,or another way is to learn the method of how to improve the traffic by yourself ,that will be the most important , or even you can do well this time ,but how long can it stick ? :rolleyes:

    Life is War!

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    This really depends on where the traffic comes from. Years ago, I purchased targeted traffic from redirected domains. These were domain names that had high traffic but the person no longer maintained a site. So the traffic would be redirected to my site.

    Not 1 conversion. Total waste.

    On the other hand, I have purchased traffic from many traffic exchanges and some have worked very well.

    The trick is to have your conversion tracking in place and then try purchasing advertising at 5-10 places. After 30 to 60 days, dump the losers and expand your ad buy in the ones that gave you a positive ROI. Keep trying new ones every month.

    In 6-8 months you should have a ton of profitable traffic.
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    I agree the Ifire, never buy traffic, it's usually bots or paid to click schemes, where there are people in india that sit there all day clicking on links and never ever stop to buy plus they likely don't even have the money to buy if they wanted to. You want to place your website in front of people looking for your product/service, don't shove an ad in someone's face, it doesn't convert nowhere near as well.
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    As a newbie, I'd prefer not to buy traffic. Better learn the basics of generating traffic. Maybe I will purchase traffic someday if I find trusted and reliable service
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    5000 targeted visitors for $25 is $5 CPM, which is a pretty high price for pops - alright if it's very small volume and US - but if you are buying high volume then definitely high.

    As for it being legit, there are a lot of companies who provide legit traffic at a cost of $1-$3 CPM. I've gotten hundreds of conversions a day on it. There are also scammers out there, that deliver fake traffic.

    But, if your offer doesn't convert, it doesn't mean it's a scam, it just might not be a good fit for your offer, or your offer might be harder to convert. For example, getting a paid poker player to sign up will usually require more than $25 bucks in advertising.
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    Never. They are absolutely useless... Even if they advertise that those traffics are real human / legit, they are always not. Unless you are wanting to do Adword advertisement which is a waste of money, i wouldn't bother.
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    Though most of the suggestions are in favor of not buying the traffic, I saw one thread on another forum where the person was selling traffic. There were hundreds of positive feedback from users. They were (in fact they are) making money from this paid traffic. So, I personally think that it could be okay to get paid traffic depending on what the niche of your site is.
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    Well, it's 25 bucks - why not just try it and find out? Send it to a page where you can isolate the traffic source and see if it works.

    I strongly suspect it won't, because if you can deliver traffic that cheaply, why sell it? Pumping 5000 people to a page that sells a product for $20 and coverts at half a percent would make you $500. That smells of scam to me.

    That said, twenty five bucks isn't much so give it a whirl.
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    I don't personally do this but I know people that swear by it. I would be very diligent about checking out whatever company or person you deal with if you do decide to buy traffic.
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    Originally Posted by Dejan_bg View Post

    Hello, everybody.

    I've got one question... What are your experiences on buying traffic from traffic brokers? I suppose that kind of traffic converts far less than traffic from search engines but I'm curious if it converts at all.

    I'm sure there are brokers who send low quality traffic or bots but I'd like to know if there's any legit company that would deliver real, targeted traffic.

    Average price I've seen so far is 5000 targeted visitors for 25 dollars. So, even If I'd get ONE buyer out of those 5000 visitors it would be profitable. But the question is if those are real people at all.

    What are your thoughts on buying traffic?

    Thank you in advance
    Sometimes buying traffic can do wonders if it is real and genuine must do a research before buying traffic there are many peoples that sell traffic majority are scammers they use softwares to send traffic..always prefer genuine traffic..
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    I don't think buying traffic will be of any use, because you won;t get any worth for your money, the traffic would be junk and spam and would not lead to conversions.
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