Options for publishing an e-book, not the usual suspects...

by YseUp
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I'm on the verge of finishing a new e-book and I'm considering where to publish it.

The niche is a very popular one but I think I have a unique twist on things. Once the target market actually gets a chance to read it they usually react very positively.

But until then it's easy for it to get lost in the crowd.

So I'm thinking, should I put it up on ClickBank, build my list and then get ready to create a video course to go with it?

Or should I try something different? Amazon DPT, SmashWords, Barns and Noble DPT, LuLu etc.

They'll take a bigger cut, but I may be able to reach a bigger audience, build a brand... although I might miss out on building a list.

Kindle won't work because my book contains lots of colour diagrams.

What do you guys think?
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    Steal a page out of Dan Kennedy's playbook...

    Read any of his 'No BS' series, and they all have a bonus offer for joining his mailing list.

    Amazon, B&N, etc. would give you a chance to reach an audience you might have trouble reaching any other way.

    And before you rule out Kindle altogether, you might consult a good graphic designer to see if there's a way to present your color graphics in shades of gray. It might not be optimum, but you could always offer a full-color PDF version in exchange for an email address...
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    I'd say that you should defiantly start out by building a list in your niche. Once you have a list, then you could start selling them.

    But yeah, if I was you, I'd put it up on Clickbank first. Then build a list and look for people in your niche and ask them to review/promote your ebook.

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    Ysup - Brad here.

    If the market for your new ebook will be receptive - you might find setting up a split test worth some time.

    Ejunkie and clickbank and your own site. Each will have their own commission advantages with clickbank being the highest and ejunkie next. Obviously - if you promote from a blog or use a network of blogs - you may find some traction.

    How about joint venture with someone with a larger list? If the nitche is popular look for some bloggers or marketers in that area and approach them. Never know what a percentage will do for your sales.

    Those sites would have a "ready made market" that their owners have some influence with. The right word from the list owner could boost conversions a few points.

    Just some thoughts. Congratulations on the tenacity and ability to create and create a book you have pride and high hopes for.

    Cheers !
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