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As a business owner I am careful to always use opt-ins and remain in full compliance and never send B2B emails through automated means. So I was quite surprised to recieve this letter earlier today via email:

Subject-":SPAM: URGENT : Pending consumer complaint!"

"Dear business owner,

A consumer complaint has been filled against your company. Your company is being accused of trying to commit fraud against the complaint's filling party.

The full text of the complaint file can be viewed on the FTC website, in PDF format, by visiting the following link :


An official response from your part is required, in order to take further action.
Please review the charges brought forward in the complaint file, and contact us as soon as possible by :

Phone: Call our toll-free helpline: 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357);
TTY: 1-866-653-4261
Online: Use our secure complaint form
(https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/ )
Email: complaints@ftc.gov

Thank you,
Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Protection Department"

The link I removed here.. leads to a file that is a .scr file and not a pdf at all... I am also suspicious that the greeting is not capitalized. It "looked" like an official email with a header and all and came from "complaints@ftc.gov" apparently. Does this seem legitimate? Would they even send emails this way?
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    I guess it is spam. I received something almost similar few days back and when I went to the official site, they had an alert on top of the site that these emails are spam. But worth investigating!
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    SCR files stand for script files and generally used to transmit viruses. Check out File Extension .SCR Details for more info.
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    Send it to the FTC and let them look for the mailer. They seem to like a good scam. This one might keep em busy for a few minutes.

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    Obviously a virus. Anybody can pretend it comes from any e-mail address. If I want, I can send an e-mail and pretend it comes from @fbi.com

    Benoit Tremblay

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    Just look at the header and see what IP address it came from and look up the IP address. Sound like BS to me though!
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    agree with the above look at your headers and if you not sure contact um but long as you got optins etc you will be fine.
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      "Dear business owner,
      Anyone issuing a warning would know your name. That's the first clue on spam like this.
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