Christmas is around the corner....are you preparing?

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Yes, this is only Labor Day Weekend, but Christmas is right around the corner. I would think that now is a good time to start building and ranking websites for Christmas related items and gifts.

As affiliates and product creators, let's build a list of ideas of what we can sell to Christmas buyers. Who wants to start?
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    Like every other man on this planet, I don't start preparing for Christmas until December 24th


    All kidding aside, this really is the best time to start ranking. Google tends to update rankings less for certain keywords as the holiday approaches.
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      Totally agree, this is by far the best time to prepare and start ranking. As we all know, this is the season that, I would say most of the people, are into shopping and checking the internet to look for that item or products. We have to prepare for this season to what is the most marketable niche during this time, so we could adjust and join the rankings.
      For Christmas, coming to town for 3 months, the busiest time of the year and stores are always full of people. Gift-giving and coupon sharing is very common and as an IM businessman (shall I call it like that,lol?) we have to make some study on what niche should we try to focus on this upcoming season.
      Anyways, there are also those who what we call "last minute shoppers" where they would just be active and starts to work on the eve of some event or activities.
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    Isn't it 4 months to Christmas? WoW, impressed people preparing atm. But ye, that's good idea.
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    Your damn straight I am preparing for Christmas. I plan on offering my list more EXCLUSIVE coupon codes this season and I am already discussing these options with several large merchants through CJ.

    Those January and February checks will be oh so sweet this year. I should also do well this Halloween as well, with my 9 to 5 that is.
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    It's definitely not a bad idea to start preparing now,although most folks won't survive without the normal last minute rush.So it doesn't hurt to start building a list now and working towards that period.
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      Light-bulb moment. That is a great idea that i never thought of. Although i am a beginner in the internet marketing business and these days i am focused on service provision rather than affiliate marketing.
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    Yes awesome time to start preparing now...

    Anyone starting a Santa letter business for the holidays?

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    haha it's a bit too early for me!
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    You bet ! This may be a strange year. Not so much on "things" and more on "ways to make ends meet".

    I know Chris Farrell is putting together a mentoring program that may be a terrific gift for folks looking for an alternative to the 9 - to - 5 if it still exists.

    Consider 9% unemployment for the next two years and those jobs that do come back are not the same paying jobs that evaporated. It is time to learn new skills - internet marketing and learning how to market - everything - on the internet may be the wave of the future.

    Remember most great nations pulled themselves out of the muck with merchants - that is exactly what we all are working on the internet. Sure there are programs teaching how to teach others to earn on line - but I see a big subculture selling "things" and "stuff" you would never imagine unless you looked.

    There is Chris Gutherie - he dumped his job and replaced it with an internet business focused on niche sites selling amazon items - look it over 4 - 8% and this guy made a living at it.

    He focused on unique items rather than the Ipods or Ipads or Barbie. His course shows how he sold HD cables and wireless equipment - imagine.

    Does anyone see a trend in the business - to me we are about to break out into a whole new market. Amazon has a Prime account that will deliver stuff free in two days. Sure beats driving all over town looking for something that can be handed to you at your door in less than 48 hours!

    What do you see in the near future?
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    Hell yeah, Christmas preparations are in effect. Also at the same time, holloween and thanksgiving is also apart of the preparation. We have a number of holidays that we look forward to in the coming months and all have proven to somewhat provide good conversions most specially Christmas.
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    I can feel the spirit of Christmas now.

    'Ber' months are coming and yet, I still do not have time to prepare for Christmas.
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    Oh, yes, I started preparing months ago - like every year. Christmas and Easter are the periods where I make the most money on existing sites.
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    I'm not an affiliate marketer like that at this point but I thought I would tell you some things my kids talk about and at least give food for thought from that point of view. My son is in 6th grade and his favorite things right now are Angry Birds, Club Penguin and ToonTown. AB has merchandise out now that he is collecting. Club penguin has a new puffle color that all CP members are waiting for the release, a brown one.
    My daughter, older, only wants Dynasty Warriors 7 which she will get for her b-day at the end of the month. Video games and electronics are always a good bet but aside from that I always look for unique things. I bought these personalized books for my son a few years ago and he loves them still - and the CD too. Personalized VeggieTales Book - Veggie Tales Books for Kids -

    If you want high ticket items, check this site out for really interesting unique gifts, they have affiliate programs too:
    Gift Ideas, Gifts For Him, Unique Gifts, Experience Gifts

    Some day I would like to get more into Affiliate sales. Good luck everyone.

    Angie Moore

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    Hmm, this is just up my alley.

    I purchased some aged christmas related domains and now I just need a plan.

    Add content and get it ranked.

    Wish me luck.
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    REMEMBER! Cyber Monday is actually the BIGGEST Online sales day of the year, so Christmas is good but that day is better, I earned a huge amount of revenue last November. It follows Black Friday, and it is the week after Thanksgiving. So Monday 28th. Get Into it! Seriously lots of people go online to by, so think about your Xmas offers for then too
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    Looking for a good earner? Even as a newbie I did ok (for a newbie) with a real amateur looking site! My usp was 'secret Santa' joke gifts! Didn't make much but didn't really know what I was doing then! More of an experiment! But just a thought for anyone wanting to attack that niche! The more crude 'adult' type gifts created the most interest! Just thought to share!!!
    Feel free to chat if you live in the UK I may have something for you!
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