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Hey Warriors,
For those of you that are also members of the Wealthy Affiliate University (see sig), I posted this at the forum over there as well. Not trying to spam or whatever, I just am really eager to hear ideas regarding a niche I just "discovered" that has actually been hiding "right under my nose" since I was born:

The timing is almost perfect for this, since Kyle and Carson [at WA] are about to launch NicheQ. Funny thing is, what lead me to think about this subject is a video presentation I saw about an upcoming launch called Niche Blueprint.

I have been looking for a niche for a LONG time, something that I could promote, including hard goods, that is basically undiscovered and unexploited by all the heavy hitting internet marketers out there. A perfect example of this is the recent story that made the New York Times (now buzzing around email lists) about the guys that put together a simple ecommerce storefront selling birdcages (drop shipping), made huge monthly income with it for a few months, then sold it for something like 175K...Again, New York Times wrote it up, so I have to believe it happened and wasn't just a trumped up sales pitch.

Anyway, I have finally found one myself. It hit me on the head like a ton of bricks because it is something that relates to my life and my family growing up etc., and yet it is something far, far removed from the typical tech/IM/SEO crowd. The really exciting thing about it, besides being something I can relate personally to, get passionate about, etc. is the fact that, from my research, it appears that I could really dominate this market...(!) Search volume is there for "buy" type keywords is plentiful, with very little PPC competition, and event better, some of the main keywords only have (organic search) competition of about 5-6k ...A dream come true from a Warrior/WA perspective.

So, my first thought is - am I missing something? Is this particular crowd really hard to market to, or really stingy and fearful about making online purchases? Might it be that IMers have tried and failed to make money in this niche? Basically, I guess I am asking, how can someone be sure that the audience being marketed to are indeed willing to pull their wallet out? BTW, this is not a "pain" or "emergency" product, if it were, I would pretty much assume it is a slam dunk, since pain is such a huge motivator.
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    Read the rules before you post please. Reported
    Curtis Ng (blog) - Product Launch Manager
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      Originally Posted by CurtisN View Post

      Read the rules before you post please. Reported
      "..Reported...?" Who are you, and where do you think we are here, Kindergarten?

      I was much more interested in hearing feedback on my original post than anything in my sig file. The site admin took care of editing the sig once you reported it. Replying blatantly to tell me you reported it was nothing short of arrogant and cavalier. And it's noted for future reference.

      I'm not a spammer here or anywhere else, and I don't appreciate you trying to derail my post.

      "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger."-- Friedrich Nietzsche...

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      Originally Posted by CurtisN View Post

      Read the rules before you post please. Reported
      CurtisN - assuming this was just a sig file issue (that's all I can gather from the posts above) then you would just need to give the user an infraction, no need to post a reply that you have 'reported' the post - which actually gives it a more serious tone as in you believed someone is trying to spam the forum.

      dou9las - this is a user moderated forum now so any member has the right to report or lodge an infraction if they think the poster has violated the rules.

      This sticky explains it:

      Now, as for the OP.

      If you think you have found an untapped niche then my advice would be to go for it!

      You will never really know unless you try.

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        Hi Tim,
        I had mentioned in a few of my recent posts that I have been away from the WF due to some personal/family issues, and after having come back, several things have changed. I did not actually realize about this being user moderated, the whole concept of reporting infractions (by users v. admins or moderators), etc. In any case, I appreciate your clarifying that.

        On the niche, your suggestion is exactly what my instinct tells me to do. My reason for hesitation I think is that the product is a higher price than I am used to promoting, is a hard good v. info product, and as such, I just want to understand for sure that the traffic is motivated to buy, and not just browse or price-shop mercilessly.

        I guess I just don't want to get all excited about it and then find out my effort was misplaced (this has happened in other niches I have taken on in the past, and don't want to repeat that.)

        "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger."-- Friedrich Nietzsche...

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    Common guys chill out.. it's Sunday here in KL, Don't feel like seeing another fighting here..
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    Hi Douglas..

    You may have seen me around the WA forum too welcome to the WF dude.. you'll learn plenty..

    Anyways.. onto your question..

    I learned something from Eben Pagan that I think is perfect for this kind of thing..

    The thing I learned was:

    Speed Of Implementation

    The time taken between thinking about something, and actually putting it into action (implementing). The longer it takes you to put it into action, the more time you are wasting.

    Fail fast, fail often and roll with the punches..

    If this niche gets you excited, then let it. Take action, and if it turns out that it isn't profitable, at least you will know you got it out of the way real quick and you can move on to the next one

    Take action dude... then come ask more question if you need to



    Bare Murkage.........

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      Hey Jay,
      I have in fact seen you around WA, I'm glad you dropped in on this thread!

      Speed of implementation definitely does ring true for me. The niche I was referring to on this thread is one that just literally hit me in the head 2 days ago, but I have 2 or 3 that I have not moved in (yikes) more than a year... Frankly, the only reason I hadn't is that I was trying to build more traction on the niches I had sites up and running for (which have turned out to be less profitable then I hoped for...)

      This kind of leads into another question - If you try for months to make decent money with something, and it isn't working for you no matter how good your articles, squids, etc. are (or you think they are) I am never quite sure if you should just put it aside and go develop another one (and another one) and basically just keep going until you hit your income goals with 1 or more of them...Or, if the right thing to do is "stick with one thing" meaning one niche, until you break through and hit your income goals with that niche...?

      Sometimes that feels like I'm beating a dead horse, but I always take it like I must not be "doing enough" (backlinks, articles, etc.)

      Anyway, I hear you, and I have resolved definitely to move on this one. Like you said, if it doesn't work, at least I know I gave it a try, and since I have a personal link to the niche, it would bug the hell out of me if I didn't try it.

      "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger."-- Friedrich Nietzsche...

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