Best company to scrub/clean/validate big email list?

by verbs
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After doing some research, I came across a few companies that provide what I'm looking for at around $150. I'm going to be sending out a newsletter to my website members and want to scrub the list and get rid of all the bad emails and bouncebacks. I have about 20,000 email addresses and the list is 6 years old, so I know there's a lot of bad ones in there.

Some of the services I'm interested in are:

ECOA (Email Change of Address)- Replaces undeliverable email addresses with current, working email addresses for your customers.

Email validation/cleansing/hygiene: (this is the most important one by far)- Identify which email addresses are deliverable or not (without sending an actual email the customer).

Get rid of bad email addresses with incorrect formats

Matching customer records to demographics info: (one company claims to do this)

Any recommendations/feedback?

So far I've glanced at:

miramax media (though they seem like they have no clue what they're doing from a phone call I had with them)

Thanks in advance!
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      Originally Posted by pbdollars View Post

      i am not sure if this company has what you want -
      They have some online email verification service on a monthly subscriptions.
      cool, thanks! This appears to be a software I would download for myself for $40. I'd be interested in using it but can I can just establish an SMTP connection with the mail servers of my members and test the addresses for 20,000 email addresses using my ISP? Worried about getting in trouble on this with my ISP.
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    I'm happy with this program:
    Free Email Verifier
    (less than 30$)
    Plus a smtp socks5 proxy, as most likely your ISP won't allow you to connect to SMTP servers:|Socks 5 Proxy and SSH Tunnels

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    Dear dabesa,
    haven't you had any issues with Bpsocks / Ozone Internet Services?
    They claim in their policy that using the Socks 5 proxies are strictly forbidden to verify generated, purchased or rented email lists.
    I was going to verify generated e-mails but reading theis policy I am not sure whether I should dare to use their Socks Proxy service.
    What do you think?

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      I would use a cloud based platform with a proper infrastructure. There are lots of such companies around. I am currently using a company called APVERI for cleaning and verification of my email lists. They seem to tick all the boxes when it comes to email lists.
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        APVERI looks perfect for our needs. Anyone recommend a cloud based version here in the states?
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    You might want to check these guys out does. Sexy interface, and easy to use service that's really fast compared to other providers. Neverbounce is able to verify email from providers such as yahoo (catch all domains). They check for syntax, disposable mail, they run mx record checks, dns record checks, and advanced SMTP checks. They have awesome support and turnaround times are much faster than the "big guys" in this game. In my opinion, their pricing schedule is more favorable for smaller lists as well.
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    Getresponse would be a great choice.
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    Just wanted to add, I also vouch for

    Great service, no problems so far
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    That is the only one that I would recommend out of your list. Aweber is an autoresponder service NOT a list hygeine service.

    I've used:

    and a few others, but using IW will help you with undeliverables and spamtraps, BriteVerify is great for bounces, TowerData is good for general data scrubbing.

    I'd recommend cleaning with BriteVerify then cleaning with IW after that.
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