Do You Get This On Your Blog?

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I am getting comments like this on all of my blogs, several a day.

good luck

Now the funny thing, is the url is also gibbersh... for example in the one I just marked as spam, the url was:
which as far as I can tell never leads anywhere.

So what the heck is this all about?

Is it a spam bot that someone did not set up correctly?

OR is it an attempt at some sort of hack?

PS- IP is Asia Pacific, but it could be a prox I suppose.
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    Hi, I think it is the spam bots just testing to see if they can post to your blog....hope you are moderating!

    I gave up even allowing comments because of all the spam. Got tired of deleting all the "need to be moderated" comments.


    Levada Pendry
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    That's a good idea ahuddy, I may have to go to registered users only, but then I suspect I will start seeing a flood of spam of registered users pouring in.

    I have not been checking to see if the IP's are all the same. I will have to do that, because if they are I can always block the ip.

    I don't know about you, but I hate having to register for every site that I feel like leaving a comment on. Oh sure, I understand why they do it, but I sure do get tired of it. I must have 700+ passwords. (thank you roboform)
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    Hi John,
    First of all it's just basic spam.. Install wp-spamfree plugin, works great.. Also consider bad-behavior plugin..

    2nd get your wordpress secured, need help with security PM me..

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      3 must have plugins to help you combat comment spam in WordPress:
      Akismet, Comment-Timeout and Simple Trackback Validation

      also make sure you have your WordPress upgraded to the most current version
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    Its surprising for my blog that Akismet doesn't catch that one liner spam comment so I have to remind akismet its a spam.. Anyway, spam are annoying as always

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