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Do you guys think there's any advantage to creating a new YouTube account for each new niche you enter??

I've had mixed results from using the same account versus creating multiple and am trying to decide what route I should go before entering a new niche.

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    Yes, I always create a new account for each niche
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    I agree... Each niche should have its own, (or multiple) youtube channels. I have many, and each one serves a specific purpose. >>sends traffic to specific places.
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    Yes, it is much better to make a new YouTube account because say for example you are promoting Weight Loss and then How To Train a Dog it would confuse your customers. However, obviously if for example you were involved in different money-making opportunities it would make sense to have the same account. Also, for your viewers it gives them insight into what else you promote, which is definitely a bonus if they like what they see. Hope that helped.
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    Of course...

    I highly suggest creating targeted accounts for each one.
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    I always create a new account for each niche
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