Where can I free hosting that works with wordpress

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Hi guys,
I urgently need free hosting that works along well with wordpress.

I do believe free hosting comes along with email addresses?

Awaiting your responses as always.
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    yes .

    what do you need it cant be just any hosting?
    1. you need free or paid?
    2. offshore or onshore?
    3. disk space?
    4. package with domain or not?
    5. what would be your site content illegal or legal?


    google is our friend just search for hosting which provides Cpanel and your off
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    To be honest if you are looking for free hosting I would bite the bullet and at least sign up for the Baby package with Hostgator.

    You won't regret it in the long run and you will be able to do so much more with YOUR website.

    Just my opinion, as most free hosting packages will just run ads and more than that the bandwidth that you will get in normally horrible!

    Chris Jones
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    I would strongly suggest that you don't use free hosting. Its usually bad quality and I can't think of any off the top of my head that offer free email addresses. Wordpress.com does offer a decent free blog hosting thing, but I think using your own domain would cost money.
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    I can't think of one... but why not WordPress.com itself? It's FREE.

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      I thought that people should have learnt their lessons with free hosting. Unless you just want a web presence like most non-profit corporations do, free hosting doesn't show seriouness in business setup. Even then many non-profit ministries spend money for their hosting--at least. Wordpress is free and you want free hosting, too? You cannot get freebies all the time. I have had cries and bitter lamentations of those whose business went down overnight because the hosting company shut down their website without notice. Not to talk of pesty advertising banners at your face when you log in. Again, you are not in control and don't have respect when you go for free hosting. There are some hosting companies that I saw that charge like $1.99 a month for hosting unlimited domains--I believe. I guess babies are being born every day; otherwise why would somebody in business (on a long haul) ask for free hosting. It doesn't make room for longevity, either. Please save yourself the heartache, energy, money and frutration by paying for your own hosting and treating your work as a true business.
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    Originally Posted by Ray Abraham View Post

    why not WordPress.com itself?
    Because the terms of service there prohibit any form of monetization at all, and they're relentlessly and ruthlessly enforced: if you have have any sign of "commercial interest", they'll delete your blog as soon as one person "flags" it. Just impossible for marketers.

    Originally Posted by grandstar View Post

    I urgently need free hosting that works along well with wordpress.
    I can offer two suggestions.

    They each have advantages and disadvantages.

    The first is Byethost.com. The advantages are that they're very professional, pretty reliable, very well established, have a good reputation, and I know marketers who've been using their hosting for many years very happily. The disadvantage is that they don't have C-Panel and Wordpress installation there is a bit of a work-up (albeit one that thousands of people have done and many recommend).

    The second is "000webhost". The advantage is that they do have C-Panel. The disadvantage (and this is second-hand information only, because I've never used them) is that I think they may be less reliable, and their downtime may be a little higher.

    There are other options, too ... but I gather from what people say (and I don't mean people I've known only a week or two, here - I mean people I trust), I think the two mentioned above are probably about the best ones.

    If you're going to use free hosting, then (a) go with a company which is long-established, and (b) check the terms of service very carefully.
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    I do not recommend you use free hosting unless you are just testing things out... in which case here are some free hosting options that you can install WP on The Free Hosts » Blog Archive » Recommended Free Web Hosting - Find Free Web Hosting and Cheap Web Hosting Options
    But if you are serious about your website go with a reliable paid hosting solution. Best of luck to you!
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    (We Offer Content In Multiple Languages)

    Visit us at XYZcontent.com
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    Don't get a free host. If your budget is tight, go for a $3.95 plan with FusionHost.

    Another popular one is HostGator but they are a bit more expensive.
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      I have heard quite a few horror stories about free hosting. I would be very cautious.

      Hostgator is very inexpensive and currently they are offering the first month for one penny. Below is a link:

      HostGator Coupon Codes 2011 - Get Your Hosting For 1 CENT Only! No affiliations!!!

      The above URL has no affiliate links at all, but if you would like to be nice to me, just go to my blog and you will see my affiliate link to a one penny sign-up in the right margin....just saying
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        If you haven't got any money for even a cheap hosting package, you seriously need to rethink your strategy.

        I don't mean to be harsh but you can't really run a business off no money, despite what some people might say.

        Find some other source of income and buy a cheap hosting package from the proceeds.
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    With hosting you get what you pay for in a lot of cases, and free, well enough said!

    There are a lot of high quality hosts out there, but NEVER pay for hosting based on what it says on their own websites; read reviews about hosts and check their knowledge as a hosting provider before you sign-up. A little time looking will save a lot of time later I assure you.

    Best regards
    Arran Wood
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