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I started writing longer blog posts after studying various lessons online, and I'm creating many Squidoo lenses with more information. I saw that I have to give a lot of useful free information (that I should actually charge for) in order to attract more readers.

I'm not a good internet marketer because I hate marketing, even though I know the basics.

My best tool is content production. I started writing better articles but I was only getting many new RSS feed readers, who don't even visit my blog. It's good to have new readers but they are mainly interested on free information.

When I updated a Squidoo lens with a new article and I suddenly sold the 2 ebooks I was promoting in it, I finally understood my lesson: we have to give a lot of useful information. Before my recent studies I was writing articles with a few lessons, but basically promoting my products. The good results started to happen only when I started giving only substantial information to my readers, without promotions. If you want to follow this route, be ready to give a lot of good information for free to your readers.
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    ya, quality content is king but you need to mix good content with offers to make money. If you only provide your readers with free content they will convert into freebie seekers and will never purchase your products. If you try this with your list they will stop purchasing your products.

    Rather you should keep promoting your offers along with giving them good free content.

    The best I like to do is going the 50/50 route. I send out 3 content emails with 3 sales pitch emails every week. You need to structure your content with a good sales pitch where you give them good content for free but enough to wet their appetite to get your paid product.

    If you are in internet marketing niche you can show them how to create a good product in your article but to learn how to market that product you can sell them a traffic course or show them the entire online business model to set their marketing campaign as a paid product.

    Want to know my true story & how I got started with my internet business? What kind of problems I faced to get started & how I finally cracked the internet code? I have also prepared a 30 day blueprint for you to get started. No signup is required, just rush in to check out pure content ==> how to start an online business - And yeah, if you like what you read don't forget to 'like' & 'tweet' it. All the best :0)

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    My niche is mental health. It is totally different from internet marketing.

    I saw that if you want to use your content as your basic traffic source, this content has to be Very good. You don’t need to talk about your products. You should only care about giving very good information to your readers. This is very hard… you have to work a lot, but this is how it works. When you give substantial information, your readers trust your products and you make sales.

    Without giving a lot, you’ll never see positive results if you work based on content production.
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