Please crticize my website.

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I started a new website at Please give me your opinion. Thank you!
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    very small and less convincing sales letter for a $97 product.
    Also your sales letter is missing "refund policy" and real customer reviews. Try to include a couple of nice graphics.
    Include a picture of yourself and explain in brief about what you have done in that field and why you can be called an expert.
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    VERY dated looking & zero images whatsoever. It needs a cleaner, more modern looking background & color scheme.

    Agree with the comment above about it being a VERY short sales page..
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    Buy a template and customize the content. It looks primitive like 1995 style. I really think you would be better off buying a template and customizing. You probably know enough html to customize a great looking template. I really don't think you will convert with that website.
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    Yeah it looks like another cheap/nasty one I saw recently, - not sure where I found it, was in my internet history.

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  • Originally Posted by artmourad View Post

    I started a new website at Please give me your opinion. Thank you!
    Truly speaking no one will buy from your website.. Sorry for being very frank..
    REASON: your website is not showing something like genuine. At first change the theme of your website. If its a wordpress, you find many good FREE wordpress themes out there..

    Its just like a one single paper with some content in it. Put some images that shows what exactly your website tell about... if you have any videos (please keep it),

    Keep other stuff like facebook, twitter, bookmark etc...
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    Visually, like the others said, it is rough. I would ditch the aqua text area and go white.

    The text all runs together and makes reading it difficult. Shoot for more "white space" and put H2 headlines throughout in a way that makes sense to those that scan the page.

    And again, as previously mentioned...some pictures, videos, etc. would be helpful.
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    A very dated looking page. I suggest breathing some life into the design, using some images to tell the story and giving more detailed information as to what the customer will be receiving.
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    I am sorry to say this but you need to higher a web designer to work it out from scratch, I wouldn't buy something from the website even if I am desperate.

    I know design is not everything but it is a killing factor for many people to stay on the page or to leave
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    Hi Arthur Yes its rather a dated looking 1990's web site all the info is there
    but its all crunched together, I would also go for a more clean white back ground
    try and get some social proof "honest genuine testimonials" and some form of guarantee
    I agree with articlewritingservices and would use a wordpress theme also have a contact me and privacy policy along with an FTC disclaimer hey but not to be too harsh at least you have got a web site up It just needs tweaking
    Cheers Mick
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      I thank ALL of you for your responses. THANK YOU!
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    I have nothing to add i think, u like violeted all rules of sales pages lol
    Just search for some free/paid course about how to create sales page(i mean write sales letter) and find some free/paid templates, that looks modern
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      I agree with all the comments above. I think your first step is to get away from the HTML website and create a site in Wordpress. There are so many great themes out there that can make your site look fantastic!

      As mentioned above, do a search in google for "free wordpress themes" if you want to get a free one - there are also some great themes located in this forum for sale.

      Your site needs to reflect that value of your product as well as a professional image...right now it doesn't.

      Once you start looking for themes, I am sure that will open up your mind to see the possibilities of how great your site can look.

      Have fun!
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