To personal brand or not to brand? That is the question...

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I've decided to dig deep into starting an IM blog and i'm trying to decide if I should do it under my name or under a more keyworded blog name and keep my personal blog for just promoting all of my touch points for different blogs, products, projects and such.

I would like to hear from those of you on both sides what you think?

Those of you who do it all under your personal name, do you ever think you should have done it the other way around?

Those of you who do it under another blog name (business name), have you ever thought that you might want to focus on building your personal brand more?

I guess i'm more inclined to do it under my name just to force myself to commit, but my only concern is if I should ever want to change direction, it will be much harder down the line.

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    i would say that most business consultants (which is pretty much what a how to IM blog is) use their real name for the most part.

    basically you are selling others on the fact that YOU know how to make money with IM and that YOU can teach them how to do that.

    In my opinion, if i am looking to YOU for information or advice, i want to know as much about YOU as possible.

    i think you can get away from using your name more if you are going to focus on selling software or something like that. Services like (which is a 1shoppingcart private label by longtime IMer Willie Crawford) dont need the name attached as much.

    so basically, i think it comes down to if you plan on being more of a consultant or if you are going to be selling more of a service that is not primarily based on your IM experience.
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    You could have the best of both worlds if you simply use a pen name. Loads of famous people (actors, authors etc) use different names for all the same reasons going through your head.
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    I think your name is your brand, people buy you for your services. Most of professionals use their personal name then any pen name
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