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Ok So I can easily build large Facebook fan pages on specific niche topics.
Its about to get even easier if I can get my hands on a certain wso sold here two weeks back.
Anyway, my question is this? Is is better to make relevant posts and try to get the fans to click through to a blog. Or, should I be posting cpa offers linked directly to the sales page?
Up until now I have been sending the traffic to one of my communities.
I have been making money via adsense. One cool thing I have noticed is that traffic from fan pages click on google adsense as much if not more than any other forms of traffic.
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    If they are legitimate fans of something in your niche, then it should be easy to interact with them, send traffic to blogs, promote products etc.

    If you've just accumulated fake or un-targeted fans though some dodgy grey hat method, the best you can probably do is put up a gig on fiverr offering to post for $5!
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    there's a facebook app that schedules page status updates... use that to get them used with content and offers from you
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      Im already using the app to auto post and I send the traffic to my on topic community.
      The last couple of days I have been getting over 2000 visits a day with this method.
      My question is should I try to run some traffic into a cpa offer?
      The 2000 visits a day works out to 5000 page views or 10 bucks per day at $2cpm.
      This really isnt all that bad. I am pretty sure I can ramp it up 5 or 1 fold once I get my hands on the new software.
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    better u look out with backlinks in otherway..
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    consider PR 5-9
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      androidtips what does that mean ?
      I dont understand your post
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