The Worst Anti-Spam Advice Ever?

by Martin Luxton 11 replies
One of my students is using a domain extension of another country and I asked her why she didn't have a .com domain (her company name is unique).

"Oh I have the .com domain but it gets lots of spam. The person managing the site and the hosting told me it was impossible to stop it so the best thing to do was to abandon my .com domain name."

The site is 4 years old and has a PR of 3.

What advice can I give her (apart from firing her hosting company)?
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    Check the hosts spam filters (they should be able to filter most of it with SpamAssassin or similar). Also, get a spam filter for her PC / Mac to cut out the rest. Thunderbird has a great built in adaptive filter and Outlook 2007 has a good internal filter too. Zonealarm is another great personal spam filter for Outlook Express and Outlook 2000+.

    Spam is not really the problem is used to be with the good tools out there. I still get quite a bit but that is because I have over 60 email accounts for different clients projects etc. My personal email (run on my own dedicated server) barely gets any.

    Giving up a .com because of an insane recommendation like that I just shooting her business in the foot.

    Hope that helps.
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      Originally Posted by Chikira View Post

      Giving up a .com because of an insane recommendation like that I just shooting her business in the foot.
      Umm...yeah...that just sounds weird. I'd definitely tell her to get rid of that hosting company ASAP. Sounds like they don't have a clue what they're doing.
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        Yeah, get rid of the hosting company. That's the best advise in the world for this situation. That hosting company does not sound like a very good one if they are getting constantly bombarded with SPAM
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          Thanks for the replies.

          This situation is probably one of the best advertisements for the recent spate of 'Start An Offline Business' books.

          We forget how little non-im people can know about the internet. I had someone recently tell me he got a new .com domain name really cheap - $15!

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            Here's what I'd tell your friend:

            Dump that host. Immediately. If they screwed up something this simple, this badly, they're not to be trusted with anything complicated.

            They also seem to want to take the easy way out, which is rarely a good sign when the easy way doesn't consider the consequences.


            Spam doesn't go to domains. It goes to addresses.

            If you must dump something, make it the old address. Create a new one and watch where you use it. Better yet, have a public and a private address. Never use the private address ANYWHERE on the web, or for email lists, or subscriptions, or anything else along those lines. Send it only to close associates, and family members who are computer savvy enough to be unlikely to have their computers compromised by a virus or trojan.

            A better solution would be to create a private address and use it for the purposes above, and take steps to block/reject the spam sent to the existing public address(es).

            Since you're looking for a new web host anyway, make sure you get one that allows you to pick your spam filtering options. You want, at least, to be able to use the Spamhaus SBL and XBL lists. Better to get the combined list, if possible.

            If you can use SpamAssassin, that's a plus. Set the system to tag spam, rather than delete it, and set the threshold for tagging to 7 or 8. Create filters in your email program that move anything with the [spam] tag to a separate folder, which you can check occasionally to make sure you're not deleting anything important.

            Tune the threshold as you go.

            Find a Bayesian filter that works with your email program. These allow you to "train" your system to recognize spam, and move it into a junk mail folder.

            If any of this seems complicated, find a 17-year old. They're better trained with computers than most people. Just don't take their advice on what to do, as they rarely understand your goals well. Make sure they do what you want.

            I went from literally thousands of spams every day hitting my mailbox down to a few hundred, most of which get filtered automatically by the Bayesian filter for Pegasus Mail - Spamhalter.

            Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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              Using some .ch (Switzerland) domains myself and for the
              family's business and I can just say that after some years
              you will get a lot of spam too.

              I have some new .com domains that after months still are
              not being spammed.


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            • Hi Guys,

              $10 bucks says thats its a reseller with no idea!

              Take Care,

              Michael Silvester
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                Go into cpanel and enable SpamAssassin, this will stop 95% or more of it. It's awesome.
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                  Another useful thing to do in cpanel is to turn off the
                  default address, that is used to receive all the emails
                  sent to your domain that are not sent to a precise
                  email address you created in your account.

                  from Mail Manager Main Menu in cpanel select

                  Default Address

                  There you will find written

                  All unrouted mail will be sent to:

                  normally the main account email

                  click on "Set Default Address"

                  The new page will show these instructions you can
                  follow to stop receiving all email messages sent to
                  no existing email addresses on your domain that
                  many spammers regularly use:

                  Hint: You can enter :blackhole: to discard all incoming unrouted mail or :fail: no such address here to bounce it.
                  If you wish to send to multiple address, please separate them with a comma

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                  Thanks again, guys.

                  I'll do a bit of research on your recommendations and give her some options.

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