I quit using tinyurl, bitly, etc. -- will this boost my traffic?

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I love the url shorteners...and their acceptance as valid links has increased with the spread of twitter.

But, I stopped using these services...or so it seems.

Adjix allows you to use your own domain as a url shortener: http://web.adjix.com/AdjixDNS.html

Now, I use a subdomain to redirect links. For example, my website is at http://www.vexxt.com - I have created a subdomain at http://go.vexxt.com that will work like tinyurl, bitly, or any of the other url shorteners.

Now there may be others that work the same, but adjix is what I found and use. I originally experimented with it because it allows some simple link tracking (and for those so inclined, you can use an ad supported page to earn money-although it doesn't seem like it's worth it).

As for setting it up, it was a simple tweak through cpanel.

Now, here's the question: Am I getting any google boost by using my own subdomain? or is this ancillary traffic seen as completely separate since it's on a subdomain?
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    Hmmm good question.. I've never thought of this before.. but one thing for sure I did noticed a difference in the number of traffic coming in between normal link and sub-domain link.. never though of analyzing it though..
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    I don't know how it can not boost your traffic. If anything else, it makes you look more credible.

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    I know this doesn't answer your question as such, but I dislike those link cloakers anyway, they smack of affiliate links etc (to me anyway)

    This is a much more civilised way of cloaking your links, www.freelinkcloaker.com/ and best of all, it's free

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    To me these tinyurls always look odd and unnatural hinting at affiliate connotations. Domain forwarding is the best method. Have a special domain registered like redirect.com to act as the middle man your affiliate links, you can use it for all of them whatever the original domain.
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    I was using offto for a while, but with vista my links show up as a really bad site & my browser wont allow access to them - a couple of days ago I found a neat little program (will have to go find it for y'all) it cloaks and creates a page with the forwarding doovy encrypted - it's pretty neat.

    When its not the middle of the night, I'll go find it for you - it's shareware or freeware or some such thing!
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    Originally Posted by Mike Johnson View Post

    Now, here's the question: Am I getting any google boost by using my own subdomain? or is this ancillary traffic seen as completely separate since it's on a subdomain?
    How do mean Google boost? - do you mean does it help pages rank higher, get you some PR or something else?

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    I got fed up with running out of space in twitter even with the tiny urls services, so I created my own short url service -> a.gd <- : Amendable Short URL Service - Its in beta and open to everyone.



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      I use the Free Link Cloaker and it works very good.

      It's a bit risky to use services like bit.ly and tinurl because of the lack of control you have over your links and what if they suddenly shut down?

      I have several hundreds of affiliate links on quite a big variety of web properties out there and I wouldn't want to start recloaking them if all of the sudden they stop working, that's a lot of work and will also result in income loss.

      That's why I use software hosted on my own server!
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    Yeah I guess it's putting it mildly, it's in fact very dangerous.

    I don't think that's to hard to see really. I guess when the day comes and one of these cloaking services shut down there will be a lot less affiliate commissions paid out to people for quite some time, but not for me LOL :-P
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    That's the exact format I have on my URL's to, the Free Link Cloaker works exactly like that. I had to make a few changes to get the 'go' in the URL because the default is "recommends", but it worked out fine :-)
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