Someone Told Me Its More Effective to Create Your Own Domain

by Diontec 5 replies
I dont know if this is true. Maybe it is for some people they pull a lotta numbers in by just being an affiliate marketer. Im still learning "that" part.!
Let alone my "own" domain...I dont know either im stuck at a standstill right now......clueless!:confused:
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    Not sure what you're asking here.

    Is it best to own your own domain for marketing? I'd say definitely. You own it, you control it, it's yours to do what you want.

    And a .com is only $7 with a coupon. Pretty small investment to build some credibility for yourself.

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      I like having my own domain. I can control who is on it, what goes on it, and I can control, basically everything about it. It is a lot better having your own domain than having a big company telling me what to have on my own domain and paying the high price for having the big company's name on it. When you can find your own for as cheep as $7.
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        If you can afford it right now, then I would suggest shooting for your own domain..

        If you are just getting started then maybe it isn't the right time and you should build up some income before you go for it..

        Free platforms like squidoo, blogger, hubpages ect can be VERY productive for you until your get into positivie cashflow


        Bare Murkage.........

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          One the first lessons I learnt is that having your own domain makes your online business portable.

          You don't like your hosting company for some reason, you can pick up and leave and your business goes on without changing email addresses, url's, etc.

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            I must have been taught differently to those who've posted above.

            You are right... start with affiliate marketing to test the market/niche. Get the metrics down. Learn how to sell the hell out of their frontend products.

            THEN start your own domain with your own products. Similar products than the ones you now know how to sell, but with added value or a twist.

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